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Thread: Ubisoft Entertainment Aquires Massive Entertainment

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    Ubisoft Entertainment Aquires Massive Entertainment

    In December of last year, Activision and Vivendi Games have come closer to create the new number one in the sector: Activision - Blizzard. Since then, the company announced numerous changes in its modus operandi and has made cuts in the assets of Sierra, a subsidiary of Vivendi Games.

    Many projects have been arrested so that developers focus on licensing flagship of the group and various studios have been recognized. This is particularly true of Massive Entertainment and we must, for example take into consideration, World In Conflict. Flairant good case, Ubisoft has been the acquisition of Swedish developer, but did nothing for the time being announced more are waiting to see what the publisher is planning for its latest.

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    Re: Ubisoft Entertainment Aquires Massive Entertainment

    Given the talent of these developers, it's no wonder this acquisition has been done relatively quickly.

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