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Thread: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

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    Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

    While all eyes are turned to the arrival of the highly anticipated Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm on PS3, Namco Bandai and Atari give us a shot back with no less than 10 catches for Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World. Remember that behind this name a priori innovative lurks a plate announcement as mixing "the best elements of previous games Dragon Ball Z: Budokai."

    If the first release on the subject is still quite vague, the label includes both Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai released on PSP. It will take a "Dragon Missions" (which can be translated as "missions dragon") that we should offer new types of battles and scripted sequences containing the key moments of the tv series. A series of missions type Time Attack will also visit a method called "Snake Road Mission". In the meantime, here without further delay are some of the images provided by the publisher.

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    Re: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

    God knows how much I am a fan of DBZ ... From long ago DBZ game has got all the success all the years ... and almost comes on all consoles!

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    Re: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

    Do not worry Reegan, I think it is precisely the real fans who are beginning to understand that their favorite has been transformed into well in cow milk.

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