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Thread: Street Fighter IV Releasing February 27, 2009 (In Australia)

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    Street Fighter IV Releasing February 27, 2009 (In Australia)

    While pundits are confined for Capcom to announce the release of the next Street Fighter to this winter, a more precise date has been confirmed by some colleagues from Kotaku. By focusing on planning output of Red Ant, the distributor for Capcom in Australia, they discovered the following information: Street Fighter IV is announced for February 27 next to the land of kangaroos. Hard to believe it could be otherwise with us. Even if this information is so far the rumor stage, we can consider that the chances that this date is confirmed are good. Very good.

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    Re: Street Fighter IV Releasing February 27, 2009 (In Australia)

    cool I look forward for its release.

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    Street Fighter IV dated in Japan

    It was yesterday that Capcom issued a press release announcing importance finally official date for the release of Street Fighter IV. As anticipated in the convergence of many rumors about this, the ambassador of falling on consoles not point the tip of his nose swollen in 2009! In February to be quite accurate and Japan to leave no ambiguity.

    A simultaneous release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. PC players will have to wait a little because, as the publisher has suggested lately, there is still work to finalize it. But back to consoles: Nintendo announces a limited edition with a DVD of the anime fifty minutes made specifically for the release of the game most fans know what they therefore remains to be done.

    Finally, as expected Hori took advantage of the event to unveil the prices of its color stick trimmed the game as one might expect it will take longer currency: 9800 yen (78 euros) for the PlayStation 3 version and 7800 (about 62 euros) on Xbox 360. There is only hope that this model a little more serious than sticks SoulCalibur IV of the same manufacturer.

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