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Thread: Win 98 Firefox Users Should Consider Opera 9.27

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    Win 98 Firefox Users Should Consider Opera 9.27

    Since firefox browser is no longer supported in Windows 98 then its users should start considering Opera browser as an alternative. I have tried the new Opera 9.50 browser which is not yet working on Windows 98 but the version 9.27 is working fine under the operating system. This previous version of the browser comes with file extensions for cache files and it is very easy to work with the cache with an ordinary file manager. Hope that this little information would be useful to some readers.

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    RE: Win 98 Firefox Users Should Consider Opera 9.27

    You should not give wrong information because Mozilla Firefox 2.0 version is still supported in the Windows 98SE operating system and it is also getting updated regularly. However Firefox 3 version is not supported in Win98Se. You should not jump on fake conclusions, even if you have read it from somewhere because those could be fake information.

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    I recommend everyone to use Firefox because it is one of the fastest browsers ever and is also very secured and customizable. The 2.0 version has powerful new features that make the online experience even better. However, Windows 98 and Millennium users will not be entitled to Firefox 3.0 and this decision is explained by the fact that Microsoft will stop support for Windows 98 and Windows Me from the 11 July. Firefox 2 uses the Gecko 1.8.1 engine and includes support for scalable vector graphics (SVG) and JavaScript 1.7, as well as numerous changes to the user interface.

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