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Thread: not able to make connection over FTP?

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    not able to make connection over FTP????

    Whenever I type myspace then the computer goes crazy and it will not go on google. Also my computer becomes really slow and will also not connect to the webpage. When I did a diagnostics test then it said that "Windows did not detect any with your internet connection over HTTP and HTTPS, but was not able to make a successful connection over FTP. The most likely cause of this problem is that a firewall client running on your machine is blocking the necessary FTP ports." Even after turning off the firewall on my pc, nothing seems to be working. Can anyone help me out. Thanks

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    Which operating system are you using? and did you do any updates to the OS recently? Which firewall are you using and what is its version? I think that you need to allow the ftp program in your firewall settings. It happens many a time that ftp sites just disappear incase if they are not very recent. Also, if you have a home router running then you should allow your FTP program to use passive mode.

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