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Thread: Manually remove SPYWARE

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    Manually remove SPYWARE

    I am on Windows 98 SE on my computer and recently I was affected with a Virus called I have removed it by scanning with an antivirus application, but I beleive that it is still there. So can anyone tell me how do I remove this overture spyware from my computer manually? Any help on this problem will be appreciated.

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    If you have running something called OSA then you have to immediately disable it by finding out its file path or in DOS to avoid Windows protection and then rename OSA*.* to some other filenames, to prevent it from loading. After that restart the pc and you could get some messages that spyware files have been called but cannot be found or so. This is happening because you renamed the OSS.EXE to some other file name and hence it is not getting called.

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    It seems as if this is something like advertisement tracking cookie file which may potentially violate your privacy so it is right to get rid of this...manually u can delete all the cookies from the "Tools -> Internet options" but this also may not solve the problem completely...U need sum good antispyware that not only get rid of this overture thing but also protects ur system from any of such intrusions....
    i can suggest u one such tool advanced System Protector
    it not only clean ur system from spywares but also gives routine updates of the latest definitions and is very easy to use....The On Execution Scanner & Alert Shields make it more efficient in the case of internet access. For me the Advanced System Protector is the Best Antispyware...U can also give a try...
    free version of asp is also available at cnet

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