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Thread: Getting NTFS access in DOS of an external USB drive?

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    Getting NTFS access in DOS of an external USB drive?

    I was having Windows XP installed on my computer but due to some problem I had to switch back to Windows 98SE and want to access some files on the hard drive. By using NTFS4DOS or something else I was thinking if I can access the Windows XP drive which is in NTFS format which is in the external hard drive but when tried to boot up in NTFS4DOS on a floppy, it is unable to access the external usb drive? I heard that the it will only work if the drive is direcly connected inside the pc and I cannot do that because the XP drive is SATA and Windows 98 only acceps the IDE drives? So, I am just wondering if there are any other ways to access the drive?

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    Another good reason to use the FAT32 file format instead of using the so called new technology NTFS. However, while checked for solution for this problem I found an application called Paragon's "NTFS for Win98" which allows NTFS file access in Windows 98 and thus you can share files and data, even if the NTFS drive is an external usb enclosure. This is the least option that anyone could try so that atleast one can access the drive within Windows 98 and share or transfer some files.

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