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Thread: USB memory stick driver Windows 98

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    USB memory stick driver Windows 98

    I have got a usb memory stick and I am trying to search a driver for it which will work in Windows 98SE. Since I was going to completely format the old computer that I have, therefore I wanted to save some files on this memory stick. I have downloaded and installed the QuickiDriveTools1.1 and usb-win98SE-all.exe and UStorageWin98Driver2.1 software but nothing seems to be working in my case? Is there anyone who can give me suggestions on how to get the memory stick recognized in the computer? Thanks

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    Re: USB memory stick driver Windows 98

    Download the Pen Drive driver from here and then unzip it to a folder on the desktop on your computer. After that when you connect yourusb drive then Windows will detect it and give you an option to find its driver. Simply browse to the location where you have saved the file and then install it. Similarly, you can also use the .inf file to install some other usb drives as well, so you can save the same driver in your computer and store it for some future use as well.

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    You can also download the Windows 98 SE Generic USB Mass Storage Device Drivers v3.3 - nusb33e.exe from here. Also, this drivers are generic, and they may not work with some devices. It is also only intended for the English version of Windows 98SE. Hope that this helps you out.

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