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Thread: email retreival comcast/smartzone

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    email retreival comcast/smartzone

    The internet provider in our area is Comcast and they have just now changed their email server to smartzone. And after that we are unable to get the email as the following error occurs - serv 32 caused an invalid page fault in modulemsncrt.dill at 017f:7800c9d3. This problem started only after the server downloaded the email program. I hope that this is compatible with Windows 98 that I am using.

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    Can you try to repost the error message in a proper way again so that we could understand it or you can also contact Comcast support as an alternative. Are you able to accress the email account that you have registered on their web email page after logging in at Let us know the reports

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    The kind of problem that you are facing could be because of the Msvcrt.dll file is the incorrect version. Thus the error message can occur if you install a program that replaces the Msvcrt.dll file with a later version of the file. If you want to resolve this issue, obtain the latest version of the America Online 4.0 software from the following America Online Web site. More information is given here -

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