Ok i have discussed earlier about the prevention methods to avoid spams, such as How to evaluate potential scams and Top Tips to avoid Email SPAM. But what if your emails are already affected with spams, or even after following these prevention methods, you still get spammed. Well, if you do get spam (and by spam i mean an e-mail from a company or person that you have never had any dealings with), then:

  • Never, ever, click on a link to unsubscribe; this will let them know your e-mail address is active, and you will get more spam.

  • Never reply to spam e-mail either; that will cause you to get more spam because it will mark your e-mail address as active.

  • If possible, disable images in your e-mail application; some spammers use images to detect whether an e-mail account is active (they can detect when the image is being retrieved from their server for display by your e-mail application as you read the e-mail).

  • The best thing you can do with spam e-mail is to just delete it. Don’t let it annoy you into replying or unsubscribing. Just be a black hole and try to be totally invisible.

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