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    IE7Pro Tricks

    Spell Check for Internet Explorer

    IE7Pro Spell Check is an Internet Explorer extension that can perform spelling checks on all text inside Internet Explorer user-input forms. IE7Pro Spell Check will check any text you enter and alert you to possible errors by adding a red underline to any potentially misspelled words.

    Install IE7Pro Spell Check
    Download IE7Pro 0.9.18 or above and install. Spell Check is a new Feature of IE7Pro 0.9.18.
    By default, Spell check is not enabled and when enabled, it only automatically spell checks textareas (text boxes with multiple lines) and not text inputs (single line). By right-clicking on a text-input, you can select "Spell check this field".

    Enable and Disable IE7Pro Spell Checker
    You can go to IE7Pro "preferences" - "Spell Checerk module" to enable and disable spell check.

    By default, IE7Pro Spell Check is enabled.

    Use Spell Check
    Right-clicking the underlined word will bring up a context menu such as the one below, including one or more possible corrections. Highlight the proper word and IE7Pro Spell Check will replace it in the text field.

    If the word is spelled correctly but still marked as a potential mistake, you can ignore it and move on, or choose "Add to dictionary" to add the word to Firefox's dictionary.
    You can click "Edit Custom Dictionary" to manage your dictionary. For vista user, the custom dictionary located at c:\user\[your user name]\appdata\locallow\ie7pro\spelldic.ini.

    Thanks for technology, User of IE7Pro Spell Check can add mutil-language Dictionaries as he/she needs.
    English Dictionary is default installed on IE7Pro 0.9.18 and above.
    For other language, You can visit to download the dictionary and extract to C:\Program Files\IE7Pro\spelldic . Make sure the directory name and dictionary file's name have the same prefix. Take English for example, en_US.aff and en_US.dic should be place in C:\Program Files\IE7Pro\spelldic\en_US.
    Or you can download Or you can download Standalone spelling check dictionary at For IE7Pro 1.x version Using For IE7Pro 2.x version Using Please download & install the right version, Otherwise it will not work!

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    Inline Search of Internet Explorer

    Inline Search of Internet Explorer

    How to use Inline Search
    finds as you type, use the F3 and Enter Key to cycle between multiple results, highlight all results.

    Inline Search of IE7Pro is a fairly simple feature that does a great job of improving upon a heavily used browser function. No longer do you have to tolerate Internet Explorer's floating Find window getting in the way of the page you are viewing. The search pane sitting at the bottom of your browser window is something that Firefox users have become accustomed to and with this add-on the IE faithful can now enjoy the same convenience. Added bonuses like highlighting and "find as you type" practically make installing Inline Search a no-brainer.

    1.Inline Search lets you search the current web page for a word or phrase.

    2.A search pane is placed at the bottom of your Internet Explorer window.

    3.Pressing CTRL+F displays this search pane if it closed, hijacking the shortcut keys for IE's default search.

    4.The Find on this Page... option in IE's Edit menu still launches the browser's default Find window.

    5."Find as you type" functionality actively searches for words or portions of a word as you type in the search box.

    6.Match Case feature allows you to search for words or phrases in a case sensitive manner.

    7.Optional Highlight All feature locates every instance of your search string and highlights it in yellow.

    8.Buttons on the search pane let you jump to the previous or next instance of your search string on the current web page.

    9.F3 or the Enter key also advances to the next occurrence of your search string.

    10.SHIFT+F3 or SHIFT+Enter also jumps to the previous occurrence of your search string.

    Shortcut Key
    To make the most of Inline Search you need to learn a few shortcuts.
    CTRL + F : to open/refresh the search pane

    ESC : to close the search pane when in focus at search pane

    F3 or ENTER : find the next occurrence

    SHIFT + F3 : find the previous occurrence

    SHIFT + ENTER : find the previous occurrence

    Inline Search Screen Shot

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    Ad Blocker Tips: How to Block Intellitxt Ads

    Ad Blocker Tips: How to Block Intellitxt Ads

    How to Block Intellitxt Ads
    IE7Pro Ad Blocker: Block ad sites and remove banners, image ads and flash ads!

    What is Intellitxt and How does it works?
    IntelliTXT is a advertistment platform developed by Vibrant Media. Website authors insert a script into their pages which calls the IntelliTXT platform when a viewer views the page; this script then finds keywords on the page and double underlines them. When holding the mouse over the double underlined link, an advertisement associated with that word will pop up. Advertisers pay to have their ads associated with particular words. "Context" is considered ensuring that the ads are relevant to the web page hosting IntelliTXT.
    The liability of this feature is that it makes pages more difficult to read; scrolling down the page may inadvertently cause delays while random ads flash on and pause before disappearing.

    How to Block Intellitxt Ads
    There are many way to remove Intellitxt Ads, IE7Pro Ad Blocker may be the easist way for Internet Explorer 7 user.

    1. Open IE7Pro "Preferrence" - "Ad blocker" to add Ad Blocker Rules

    2. Select Filter Type as "Url Block Filter" and add "**" and "**" to the rules.

    3. Browse the website with intellitxt and You will found the Intellitxt Ads is disappeared.

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    Use IE7Pro User Script to download youtube video

    Use IE7Pro User Script to download youtube video

    Download Youtube Video
    Are your tired of copy&paste urls to download youtube video? Now it's even easier!

    Simple Steps to Download Youtube Video

    1. Download and Install IE7Pro 0.9.12 or above

    2. Enable "Download Video from Youtube" in "Scripts&Plugins module " - "User Scripts

    3. Now on every youtube video page there should be a download like right beside the video , that says "save as..." to download this youtube video.

    4. click the download link, and save the video file as a .flv file. IE7 will try to save it as "get_video", you need to change the file type to .flv type, and change the first part to whatever you prefer.

    5. Now you need to either download a media player that runs .flv flies, or download a program that converts them to other files types. Here are some links of both.

    FLV PLayers
    FLV Player
    VLC player

    FLV Converters
    Riva FLV Encoder
    Total Video Converter

    Alternative User Script to Download Youtube Video
    Another built-in User Script, "Download Video", supports YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace,, Putfile, Dailymotion, Sevenload, and You can use that to download youtube video.

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    Use IE7Pro User Plugin

    Use IE7Pro User Plugin

    User Plugin
    Are your tired of copy&paste urls to download youtube video? Now it's even easier!

    How to write an plugin for IE7Pro

    1. General infomation
    All plugin file located in <IE7Pro Installation Directory>/plugins/<plugin name>/plugin.js .
    We only support one javascript file now( all functions must be in this file).It must be named as "plugin.js".

    for example:
    c:\program files\ie7pro\plugins\serverinfo\plugin.js
    And you need the next header for plugin.js
    // ==UserScript==
    // @name testplugin
    // @namespace
    // @description Adds Netflix search links to IMDb pages
    // @statussize 80
    // ==/UserScript==
    @name must be an unique id compare to other plugins.
    @statussize is the width of status bar display area for this plugin.

    2. Current Support APIs:
    (1) PRO_setValue(name, value)
    Allows user script authors to persist simple values locally.

    (2) PRO_getValue(name, default)
    Retrieve a value set with setValue. If the value is not found, default is returned instead.

    (3) PRO_log(msg)
    Output the debug message. you need install debugview to see the msg. … gview.mspx

    (4) PRO_openInTab(url, flags)
    Open an new tab.
    flags:0=Current Tab, 1= New Tab Foreground, 2= New Tab Background

    (5) PRO_addStyle(css)
    Adds a string of CSS to the document.

    (6) var httpreq = PRO_xmlhttpRequest();
    Same as XMLHTTPRequest but can make an xmlhttp request to other domains.
    (7) var plugin = PRO_plugin(@name);

    1) registerContextMenu(name, func)
    registerContextMenu("separator"); // add an separator for menu
    function prototype: menuCommand(cookie, url)

    2) setStatusInfo(imgurl, text, tip, cookie) 3) popupWindow(url, width, height, cookie)
    URL support local path:ie7pro://pluginpath/foo.png

    1) onpagechange
    fire when url change. state:1=page loading, 2= page loaded
    function prototype: handlePageChange(cookie, url, state)

    2) ontabcreate
    fire when Tab created.
    function prototype: handleTabCreate(cookie)

    2) onpopupclose
    fire when the window which opened by popupWindow closed.
    function prototype: handlePopupClose(url)

    3. User scripts
    User scripts support all above APIs except PRO_plugin.
    User scripts are executed after the DOM is fully loaded, but before onload occurs.
    They are executed in an environment very much like regular DHTML scripts are, and executed completely in the content document.

    4. Example : Alexa rank and Google Pagerank Plugin
    // ==UserScript==
    // @name Alexa rank/google pagerank
    // @namespace
    // @description Display web site Alexa Rank & Google Rank(Thanks SearchStatus@Firefox)
    // @statussize 160
    // ==/UserScript==

    var plugin = PRO_plugin(@name);
    plugin.onpagechange = handlePageChange;
    plugin.registerContextMenu("Show Google results from this site", menuShowGoogleResult);
    plugin.registerContextMenu("Show Google Related Site", menuShowGoogleRelated);
    plugin.registerContextMenu("Show Alexa Overview", menuShowAlexaOverview);
    plugin.registerContextMenu("Show Alexa Traffic Detail", menuShowAlexaTraffic);

    var gCookie = "";
    var gAlexaRank = "";
    var gGoogleRank = "";

    var reqObj = new Object();
    reqObj.request = function(callback, cookie, url, userAgent, lastModify) {
    var req;
    req = PRO_xmlhttpRequest();
    req.onreadystatechange = function() {
    if (req.readyState == 4) {// completed
    if (req.status < 400) {// only if "OK"
    try {
    callback(true, req, cookie);
    } catch(err) {
    } else {
    // PRO_log("There was a problem loading data :\n" + req.status+ "/" + req.statusText);
    callback(false, req, cookie);
    setTimeout(function() {req.forceClean();req = null;}, 1000);
    try {"GET", url);
    req.setRequestHeader( "User-Agent", userAgent);
    if(lastModify.length > 0)
    req.setRequestHeader( "If-Modified-Since", lastModify);

    } catch(err){
    return req;

    // escape the url
    function encodeURL(url)
    return escape(url).replace(/\+/g, '%2B').replace(/\"/g, '%22').replace(/\'/g, '%27');

    function menuShowGoogleResult(cookie,url) {

    function menuShowGoogleRelated(cookie,url) {

    function menuShowAlexaOverview(cookie,url) {
    var urlhost = url.split("/");
    var qhost = urlhost[2];

    function menuShowAlexaTraffic(cookie,url) {
    var urlhost = url.split("/");
    var qhost = urlhost[2];

    function handlePageChange(cookie, url, state) {
    if(state == 1) {// page loading
    var re = /http:\/\/(.*)/i;
    var urlhost = url.split("/");

    var qhost = urlhost[2];
    gCookie = cookie;
    gAlexaRank = "";
    gGoogleRank = "";
    var encodeurl = encodeURL(qhost);
    var queryurl = "" + encodeurl;
    reqObj.request(processAlexaData, cookie, queryurl, "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; Alexa Toolbar)", "Thu, 26 Aug 2002 08:24:16 GMT");

    var encodeurl2 = encodeURL(url);
    var reqgr = "info:" + url;
    var reqgre = "info:" + encodeurl2.replace( "_", "%5F" );
    var gGoogleCHCalc = new googlechcalc();
    var mGoogleCH = gGoogleCHCalc.googleCH( gGoogleCHCalc.strord( reqgr ) );
    mGoogleCH = "6" + gGoogleCHCalc.googleNewCh( mGoogleCH );
    queryurl = "" + mGoogleCH + "&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&features=Rank&q=" + reqgre;
    reqObj.request(processGoogleData, cookie, queryurl, "User-Agent", "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; GoogleToolbar 2.0.114-big; Windows XP 5.1)");

    } else if(state == 2) {// page loaded

    function processAlexaData(isOK, req, cookie) {
    if(gCookie == cookie) {
    if(isOK) {
    var re = /TEXT=\"(\d+)\"\/\>/i;
    var alexaRank = req.responseText.match(re);
    if(alexaRank.length > 1)
    gAlexaRank = alexaRank[1];
    gAlexaRank = "0";
    } else {
    gAlexaRank = "0";
    if(gGoogleRank.length > 0) {

    function processGoogleData(isOK, req, cookie) {
    if(gCookie == cookie) {
    if(isOK) {
    var re = /Rank_.*?:.*?\d+)/i;
    var googleRank = req.responseText.match(re);
    if(googleRank.length > 1)
    gGoogleRank = googleRank[1];
    gGoogleRank = "0";
    } else {
    gGoogleRank = "0";
    if(gAlexa.length > 0) {

    function processResult()
    plugin.setStatusInfo("", "Alexa:"+FormatInteger(gAlexaRank)+" Google:"+gGoogleRank + "/10", "", gCookie);

    function googlechcalc() {
    return this;

    googlechcalc.prototype =
    googleNewCh: function( ch )
    ch = ( ( ( ch / 7 ) << 2 ) | ( ( this.myfmod( ch,13 ) ) & 7 ) );

    prbuf = new Array();
    prbuf[0] = ch;
    for( i = 1; i < 20; i++ )
    prbuf[i] = prbuf[i-1] - 9;
    ch = this.googleCH( this.c32to8bit( prbuf ), 80 );

    return ch;

    googleCH: function( url )
    var init = 0xE6359A60;

    var length = url.length;

    var a = 0x9E3779B9;
    var b = 0x9E3779B9;
    var c = 0xE6359A60;
    var k = 0;
    var len = length;
    var mixo = new Array();

    while( len >= 12 )
    a += (url[k+0] +(url[k+1]<<8) +(url[k+2]<<16) +(url[k+3]<<24));
    b += (url[k+4] +(url[k+5]<<8) +(url[k+6]<<16) +(url[k+7]<<24));
    c += (url[k+8] +(url[k+9]<<8) +(url[k+10]<<16)+(url[k+11]<<24));
    mixo = this.mix(a,b,c);
    a = mixo[0]; b = mixo[1]; c = mixo[2];
    k += 12;
    len -= 12;

    c += length;

    switch( len )
    case 11:
    c += url[k+10]<<24;

    case 10:

    case 9 :

    case 8 :

    case 7 :

    case 6 :

    case 5 :

    case 4 :

    case 3 :

    case 2 :

    case 1 :

    mixo = this.mix( a, b, c );

    if( mixo[2] < 0 )
    return ( 0x100000000 + mixo[2] );
    return mixo[2];

    hexdec: function( str )
    return parseInt( str, 16 );

    zeroFill: function( a, b )
    var z = this.hexdec( 80000000 );

    if( z & a )
    a = a >> 1;
    a &= ~z;
    a |= 0x40000000;
    a = a >> ( b - 1 );
    a = a >> b;

    return (a);

    mix: function( a, b, c )
    a -= b; a -= c; a ^= ( this.zeroFill( c, 13 ) );
    b -= c; b -= a; b ^= ( a << 8 );
    c -= a; c -= b; c ^= ( this.zeroFill( b, 13 ) );
    a -= b; a -= c; a ^= ( this.zeroFill( c, 12 ) );
    b -= c; b -= a; b ^= ( a << 16);
    c -= a; c -= b; c ^= ( this.zeroFill( b, 5 ) );
    a -= b; a -= c; a ^= ( this.zeroFill( c, 3 ) );
    b -= c; b -= a; b ^= ( a << 10);
    c -= a; c -= b; c ^= ( this.zeroFill( b, 15 ) );

    var ret = new Array( (a), (b), (c) );

    return ret;

    strord: function( string )
    var result = new Array();

    for( i = 0; i < string.length; i++ )
    result[i] = string.charCodeAt( i);

    return result;

    c32to8bit: function( arr32 )
    var arr8 = new Array();

    for( i = 0; i < arr32.length; i++ )
    for( bitOrder = i * 4; bitOrder <= i * 4 + 3; bitOrder++ )
    arr8[bitOrder] = arr32[i] & 255;
    arr32[i] = this.zeroFill( arr32[i], 8 );

    return arr8;

    myfmod: function( x, y )
    var i = Math.floor( x / y );
    return ( x - i * y );
    function FormatInteger( integer )
    var pattern = "###,###,###,###";
    var result = '';

    integerIndex = integer.length - 1;
    patternIndex = pattern.length - 1;

    while( ( integerIndex >= 0 ) && ( patternIndex >= 0 ) )
    var digit = integer.charAt( integerIndex );

    // Skip non-digits from the source integer (eradicate current formatting).
    if( ( digit < '0' ) || ( digit > '9') ) continue;

    // Got a digit from the integer, now plug it into the pattern.
    while( patternIndex >= 0 )
    var patternChar = pattern.charAt( patternIndex );

    // Substitute digits for '#' chars, treat other chars literally.
    if( patternChar == '#' )
    result = digit + result;
    result = patternChar + result;

    return result;

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    Ad Blocker for Internet Explorer

    Ad Blocker for Internet Explorer

    Ad Blocker
    Block ad sites and remove banners, image ads and flash ads!

    What can IE7Pro Ad Blocker do?
    IE7Pro Ad Block can block 5 kinds of ad of webpage .

    • Block all kind of flash
    • Block url source config by src attribute
    • Block image files which config by <img> tag
    • Block content which config by <div> tag
    • Block content which config by <iframe> tag

    Ad Blocker - Flash Bloc
    Enable/Disable Flash Block

    There are two way to Enable/Disable Flash Block
    • "Preferrence" --> "Ad Filter" --> "Enable Flashing Blocking"
    • Left click ie7pro status bar icon --> "Enable Flashing Blocking"

    What will be blocked?
    • Any kind of flash such as swf and flv will be blocked.
    • Any method to embed flash file for playing in webpage will be blocked.
    • Flash will not be blocked when flash url is in ie7pro whitelist.

    What should do to not block certern flash|?
    IE7Pro 0.9.12 and below will block any flash on any site , so when you want to not block certern flash , you need add the url to whitelist ..
    Further version will add more customize features for user to control flash block.

    Ad Blocker - Url Bloc
    What does url block do?

    Url block will prevent the display of source content config by src attribute. For example :
    • <img src="your block url" />
    • <script src="your block url" type="text/javascript"></script>
    • <iframe src="your block url"></iframe>
    • <embed src="your block url"></embed>
    • <frame src="your block url" />

    Example: How to online advertisement network provider's ad?
    There are many online advertisement network provider such as,, and etc . Most of them use <script> tag to embeded their customer's advertisement to publisher's website. We can use ie7pro url blocker to block this type of advertisement. advertisement code:
    <!-- BEGIN STANDARD TAG - 728 x 90 - Sing365: Section: 4593 - DO NOT MODIFY --><SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" SRC=""></SCRIPT><SCRIPT language="JavaScript">var rm_host = "";var rm_section_id = 129;rmShowAd("728x90");</SCRIPT>

    Url Block code: **

    Be careful, if you ure **, that will cause you can not visit also ; If you use rmtag3.js, that may be block rmtag3.js from any site.

    Use image/div/frame block instead of url block
    For url block only prevent content of url to display but not remove tags , url block may cause script erro or blank area. SO ,if you want to block an advertisement, first think about using image/div/frame block block
    For example: <img src="" width="468" height="60" border="1" />
    you can use url block rule *GC2_468x60.gif* with a 468*60 blank area left;or use image block rule *GC2_468x60.gif* with nothing left which looks like the ad never exists.

    Ad Blocker - Image Blocker
    What does image block do?
    image block can block ads defined by <img> tag. You can use not only the src attribute but also other attribute such as width,height,border and etc in blocking rules .The blocked <img> tag will be removed from HTML code , making the ad picture looks like never exists .

    Small Tips
    We know most picture in 468*60 are ads , you can add image rules *width*468*height*60* to block all of them. Using regular expression you can write more accurately rules.

    Ad Blocker - Div Block
    Div block can block ads defined by <div> tag. You can use all attribute support by <div> tag such as id,class,width,height,style and etc in blocking rules .The blocked <div> tag will be removed from HTML code , making the div content looks like never exists .

    Ad Blocker - Iframe Bloc
    What does iframe block do?
    Iframe block can block ads defined by <iframe> tag. You can use all attribute support by <div> tag such as url,id,class,width,height,style and etc in blocking rules .The blocked <iframe> tag will be removed from HTML code , making the div content looks like never exists .
    Ad code
    <iframe src="" width="160" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    Iframe block code: **

    Ad Blocker - Regular Expressions
    How to use Regular Expressions?
    Ie7pro ad blocker use /Regular Expressions/ to define Regular Expressions. Example 1:
    /ad\d/ can block URL contains: ad0, ad1, ad2, .... , ad9 . will not block "adm" like "*ad?" do. Example 2:
    Source Code: <img src="" />
    Url block code:/ad\d{3}x\d{2}/
    Img block code:*src=*ad???x??.gif*

    Some Question
    Ask: If I want to filter all images under a directory named "ad_image", I CAN'T add a IMG filter entry like "/ad_image/" since IE7Pro will mis-interprete this as a Regex?
    Answer: */ad_image/* will not be interpreted as Regex .

    Ask: What is regular expressions?
    Answer:If you want to understand Regular Expressions, you should go to this site as he has a pretty good primer on it.

    Ad Blocker - Useful features
    View what have been blocked or allowed

    Right click IE7Pro statusbar icon, choose "ad filter advanced" --> "view filter info...." , you can find what have been blocked or allowed.

    Quick action to add whilelist
    This feature especially usefully when you find flash movie or game has been block by ie7pro . Right click IE7Pro statusbar icon, choose "ad filter advanced" --> "Don't block this site...." , the site of current tab will be add into whitelist.

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