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Thread: Windows XP SP2 TCPIP.SYS Patch for 10 Connection Limit

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    Arrow Windows XP SP2 TCPIP.SYS Patch for 10 Connection Limit

    Patches the TCP concurrent connections limit in XPSP2 TCPIP.SYS from default 10 to 50.

    Patching is most useful to enhance peer-peer programs such as BitTorrent, EDonkey, Emule, DirectConnect etc.

    Intelligent TCPIP.SYS patcher / EventID 4226 patch Version 2.0a by LvlLord
    (automatically detects and patches various SP2 versions of TCPIP.SYS)

    v2.0a created 10-Aug-2004 13:14:03

    Main Page

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    v2.0b created 10-Aug-2004 23:32:57
    v2.0c created 13-Aug-2004 21:39:48

    Changes in 2.0b
    * Added parameter /F to patch a specific file instead of whole Windows

    Changes in 2.0c
    * Fixed small bug which returned a limitposition on files without EventID 4226
    * Small codechanges
    There is no repatching needed on already patched files!
    It supports all current XP SP2 and hopefully all future releases.

    If you have any questions, have a look at the new "faq.htm"

    v2.0c will no longer attempt to patch pre-SP2 builds of TCPIP.SYS which I can confirm with my /F tests on the same files as in my previous posts. So my previous warnings for v2.0b are now removed

    The Author website is down at the moment so I'm attaching.

    Read All htm docs and new faq in attachment.

    Thnx to Nullz


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    Programs that connect to IP addresses that are in the loopback address range may not work as you expect in Windows XP Service Pack 2;884020

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    oops was looking for this thread of yours yesterday but i could not find it ! but i forgot to check this forum section , silly me was searching under softwares and o/s

    anyway i got the patch from another forum , not sure if it works yet.

    i slipstreamed sp2 to my xp cd and installed today. had problems installing at first but now after installation so far all seems to be ok. love the pop up blocker

    please do keep updating us on any new tcp ip hotfixes ferrari and thanks

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    hey very very nice shot man


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