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Thread: Tips to instantly share anything on Social Networking through Chrome

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    Tips to instantly share anything on Social Networking through Chrome

    Google Chrome offers you various add-ons through which you can increase your productivity. There are many users who are still using Google Chrome with different add-ons. The Chrome Web store provides you a huge variety of extra plug-in that can be used for different things. Cortex is one of them. IT happens that a number of time when you are surfing internet you find a good images, a link or something to share with others. Here we go with manual process. Like copy pasting the url of that link in Facebook or Twitter, or saving the image and then uploading it manually. In the same way to email you will either copy the content or link and send that in the mail. But there is a faster way of doing this. By Cortex you can instantly share that with others in one click. So this is a simple process of sharing links and pictures instantly on social media sites and also you can send a email. We will be using a tiny plug-in called as Cortex.

    Google Chrome

    Launch Google Chrome browser and go in Chrome Web store. You can access that by click on new tab and then click on the Apps icon on top left. Then you have to click on Web Store.

    Google Chrome

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    Re: Tips to instantly share anything on Social Networking through Chrome

    Now search for Cortex and click on Add to Chrome from the top right side.


    After this a tiny red circle icon will appear on the browser. When click on that it will take you on a setup page. You have to add the things you want here. Like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc accounts.


    Once you are done with adding a account then go on any site and then hold the mouse click for some seconds. Here I had added only Facebook so I can see the F button. When you click on that the post will be shared on Facebook. In the same way you can use variety of options through Cortex for instant sharing.

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