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Thread: Tips to block tracking in Firefox Web Browser

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    Tips to block tracking in Firefox Web Browser

    When you visit a website or use a search engine, there are certain trackers that track your activities. This is actually done by huge companies in order to find out a user's behavior. For example if you are looking to buy shoes, and you are searching that different sites, then the next thing you will see ads loaded with all shoe offers from various eCommerce sites. This is usually done by many Search Engine so that they can promote more accurate products to the users. But this is sometime annoying. It is like a privacy concern. Tracking is usually done by advertisers, websites, and different search engine to keep a track of user behavior.

    They try to analyze your search activity and on that basis they promote things. Some sites do this to enhance their services. But at some point if you don't prefer this then you can try out a nice tiny addon in Chrome to stop this and to find out which trackers are currently active on a website. You can use Ghostery add-on for the same. The same is also available for Firefox. We will be testing this on Google Chrome and see how it really works.


    Launch Google Chrome browser and then start a new tab. On that from the top left click on Apps. Then click on Web Store.

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    Re: Tips to block tracking in Firefox Web Browser


    Search for Ghostery in it and click on Add. It will then appear on the top right side. The next thing is now to find trackers on a site.


    Open any popular news site or a ecommerce site to test. At the top right Ghostery will show you the number of trackers that are active on the site. You can enable and disable the trackers you want. So that the site performance is faster. Next when you visit the site Ghostery will remember your preferences.


    There are some more advance options. To access that click on the tiny Settings icon. Ghostery has a series of regular and Advance options that you can use to make it more better.


    For example there is a Blocking section. You can already get loaded trackers in that. When you add a tick Ghostery is going to block all those trackers if active on the site you are visiting. This same is applicable to other trackers. In the above image you can checkout a sample. In advertisers, Ghostery is already having a list of 978 trackers. If you find this confusing then you can try using Ghostery Wizard from top right side.

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