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Thread: Tips to stop website redirection on Android

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    Tips to stop website redirection on Android

    It been noticed from last few days that there is lots of redirection on Android devices. If you are having a android tablet or a smartphone and when you surf any pages you are redirected to any application or site, then this is possible to resolve. There are some simple things that I will mention below and you can through that fix the problem. For that you have to follow my tips below. Those users who are having more information on this can update the post for others. Android direction and pc direction works in the same way. There is some kind of adware or malware that cause the issue.

    And it occur when you start visiting adult websites a lot. It slow down the device and also eat your device bandwidth. I am able to find some simple options through which it can be stopped. It is recommended not to tap on any app installation if you are redirection. Also avoid installing too many free games and applications. They also cause this redirection.

    ad block plus

    Using AdBlock Plus -

    One of the fastest way to fix the issue. AdBlock Plus is a popular application that is not available on Google Play. It is the best one to block ads and stop redirection. I am using this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab2 where it works well. You have to go on the official site to download a apk file of AdBlock Plus. Just install this and configure its proxy in your wireless settings. It is good for surfing but once you configure proxy the download will not work.

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    Re: Tips to stop website redirection on Android

    Browser Cache

    Clear browser app default cache -

    Tap on settings and then go in Application Manager. In that look for the web browser. For example if you are using Chrome, then look for it. Tap on it and there you have to clear the app defaults. Go back in the app drawer and check back. It might start working and won't give you any redirection problem. If you are still getting the same then remove the browser and install it back again. Or switch to some other browser like UC Browser.

    Android Antivirus

    Use a Antivirus -

    You can use a antivirus in your device for this. There are ample of them free on Google Play. There are some antivirus that can prevent JavaScript from working and this stops the redirection. It is fast and easy to do. I am using Norton here that works really well on my device. For those who are having a device which has ram less than 512MB has to find a more light weight antivirus.

    Android factory reset

    Factory Reset -

    If nothing works here then it is good to take a full device backup and then run a factory reset. You can use third party backup software. For instant backup on pc you can use applications like MoboGenie. You have to just turn on USB Debugging and this application will sync all the content of your phone to pc. Like sms, call logs, photos, videos, etc. With one click you can restore the data you want. It is fast and much easier to do.

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