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Thread: How to add AutoText in Microsoft Word 2007

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    How to add AutoText in Microsoft Word 2007

    Here is an simple tips for those who are looking for an option through which they can simply add a AutoText feature in Microsoft Word 2007. And this is really easy. For that you have to us a simple feature which is easy to manage. AutoText is like an auto complete feature that is available in Word. For example in android device when you type in the keyboard you can see auto correct option. It will auto complete your sentences and saves your time also. in the same way you can also find the same feature in Microsoft Word. And to turn it on you have to work on simple settings. But it takes time to generate word shortcuts. And also a bit practice to remember that. So here I am going to give you a short tips through which you can turn those auto complete sentence on and fast a bit more faster with minimum spelling errors.

    Process -

    Word AutoText

    Open Microsoft Word and click on Office button. And then click on Word Options.

    Word AutoText

    From the left click on Proofing. And then click on Autocorrect Options.

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    Re: How to add AutoText in Microsoft Word 2007

    Word AutoText

    Under Autocorrect tab add a tick on Show AutoCorrecct Options buttons. Below you can see two boxes. Replace and With. Under replace you can add the shortcut text and under With the full text. For example if you type tahn as a wrong spelling for than, it will be auto fixed. You can add your own set of combination here. Like fre - for example, Micr-Microsoft, etc. You can also add a entire sentence in this. You can keep a list of short codes that you are using separately with you and use them anytime you want.

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