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Thread: Tips to compress images before sharing on Facebook

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    Tips to compress images before sharing on Facebook

    We all love to share pictures on Facebook or on any other social networking sites. But sometime it happens that when you are trying to upload them it takes a really long time. For that you have to compress the images to a smaller size so that it can upload fast and also the quality remains intact. Here it is always better to keep two copies of your photos. One copy will be having the original size and quality. While the other one will be compressed and will be only used for sharing on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The easiest way to do this is through Windows based pc. But you can also do that on Android through different applications. I am going to post two methods below. The first one is for Windows based pc where you can create a folder, copy photos in that and compress them. Then upload all of them together on your Facebook profile. It is fast and very easy. The second option is using an Android device. You can use apps that can compress the pictures. But here you have to take care about the backup. Always keep a backup with you so that you don’t lose the original pictures.

    Compressing Pictures in Windows based pc: This method is helpful for those who are uploading too many pictures at the same time. It will help you a lot and it will also save your time. You just have to compress them and upload.

    Compress Picture on Windows

    Copy the pictures in a folder. Do not cut paste. Keep a backup of original pictures with you.

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    Re: Tips to compress images before sharing on Facebook

    Microsoft Picture Manager

    Now right click on the top picture and choose open with > Microsoft Picture Manager

    Microsoft Picture Manager

    In Microsoft Picture Manager Click on Filmstrip View.

    Microsoft Picture Manager

    Now press Ctrl + A to select all the images. From top click on Edit Pictures. This will open a side bar on the right side.

    Microsoft Picture Manager

    Click on Resize and from the drop down arrow choose Web Small or Web Large. Web Small will give you the lowest possible picture size but can make it blurry also. So going for Web Large is good or you can even select Document Small. You can see the image resolution with that. Click on OK. That’s it. The image size is compressed. You can now upload all of them together.

    Compressing Pictures on Android: On Android this can be done through applications. You can find ample of them on Google Play. Remember that it can make final changes to the pictures. So always crate a copy in some other folder before compressing the same. You can use Reduce PhotoSize app. It will let you crop pictures, directly after taking it from camera. Or if you want to compress multiple pictures then you can try using Img Compress Free app.

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