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Thread: How to download streaming videos on android

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    How to download streaming videos on android

    Today android an widely used platform and has ample of applications that can let you have pc like features on your system. Now we all use our tablet or Smartphone for watching videos. And later it happens that you want to see that video back again. For example on YouTube. And you don't have a good bandwidth and annoyed with buffering speed. So here I am going to give you certain tips through which you can download those videos and keep them for offline viewing. Remembers that you cannot share them as it does not comply with YouTube sharing polices. There are many video sharing sites on the web. In chat messenger like WhatsApp files are stored in the hard drive. And file are visible in gallery. But in some online site it is not easy to simply stream the content. But you can still download them and keep them for offline viewing and it is quiet fast I think. For that you have to use some third party software. I am going to list you the best plug-in which are worth to use.

    HD Video Downloader -

    HD Video Downloader

    HD Video Downloader is a nice and easy to use app which works with most of the online streaming sites. You just have to add that and done. You can stream vides and then you can get a separate popup box from where you can download the videos you want. It is a widely use app and quiet effective also. here you can download the videos and then simply you can save them. It is a fastest way of getting videos and you can do this when you are connected to a wifi network.

    TubeMate YouTube Downloader -


    The second plug-in that you can use is TubeMate YouTube Downloader. This is a easy to use plugin. It is not available on Google Play but you can download that from its official site. It is also a great one but sometime I notice that it might slow down the site. This one is the best plugin and the good part of this plugin is that you can simply select the video format as per your need. Like if you want a low pixel video then you have a option to choose it manually from the same. Other plug-in won't give you this kind of options.

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    Re: How to download streaming videos on android

    FVD - Free Video Downloader -

    FVD Video Downloader

    Last but not the least FVD - Free Video Downloader is another easy to use plug-in to download videos on your android tablet or Smartphone. It also allow you to download videos from other site. But it has a very basic menu. You can directly open a page in this plug-in and you can download it as per your need. There are few good settings in it. Most of this plug-in are basic but work really well.

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