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Thread: Tips to convert a Webpage to a EBook

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    Tips to convert a Webpage to a EBook

    eBooks are tiny readable digital books that are easy to share and carry. Now it happens that sometime you visit some good article on a website and you are not having time to read that. Or you want to share that with others, or want to keep that for future references. You can create eBook of that and share with people. There are some very easy way through which you can instantly convert a web page to a eBook. But not the entire website. Only the page that you are viewing. Some sites gives you a exclusive option to crate eBook. Like Wikipedia. In which you can create a eBook of your articles and then share it with others. We will be checking out different ways of doing the same. You can move the files in your phone and simply read them whenever you want.

    Converting any webpage to a Ebook: We will first start with a online conversion. Like if you land a news site and you can find the article vey effective then instantly through a third party site you can convert that web page to a ebook and share that with others through email.

    Dotepub -


    Dotepub is the most easiest way to convert any web page to a ebook. You have to install a tiny add-on in the browser you are using. It supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Search for dotEPUB app on the Chrome store. And install the same. A tiny green icon will appear on the top side.

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    Re: Tips to convert a Webpage to a EBook


    Now open a website to convert the same to eBook. For example And then open any article that you want to save. You will see a green bar on the top and epub file will be downloaded on your pc. You can use it in your eBook Reader.

    Wikipedia Book Creator - This option is exclusively for Wikipedia articles. There is lot of information on Wikipedia and saving all of them is not easy. So you can just use the Book Creator tool in that and instantly create eBooks of article you want.

    wikipedia ebook creator

    For that first go on any Wikipedia article. And then form the left side click on Book Creator. You can also find a option to Download the file as pdf or just create a printable edition. Click on Create a Book.

    wikipedia ebook creator

    Creature on Start book Creator. At the top now you can see add this page to book. You can just create a book of articles you want and then you can share that with anyone.

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