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Thread: Tips to create a simple product brochure in Microsoft Word

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    Tips to create a simple product brochure in Microsoft Word

    There are ample of ready to use templates in Microsoft Word that can help you to create various things. Today we will be checking out a simple and easy way to create product brochures. Product brochures are small pamphlet that are used for referring purpose. It gives a short details about your product and services. It is not very important that you have to create a highly creative brochure or pay extra to the designer to create something unique. If you are having Microsoft Office 2007 or higher edition then you can create one of your own self. You can create a simple and ready to use brochure. This can be color or black and white. All you have to do is create a blueprint of a brochure first. If you have the blueprint then you can edit any existing template and share it with others.

    Requirements of a Product Brochure -
    • Collect a good quality logo. Use a black and white one mostly if you are not going to take a color printout.
    • Make a list of your product and services which you will be offering to others. With a short description if possible.
    • Decide whether you want a single page or multiple page brochure. In Microsoft Word we mostly use the A4 page size to create a simple single page brochure that can be send through mail, post or simply you can paste it on a wall.
    • You can also add information about your company contact details in the brochure.

    Sample layout of simple Brochure: Below you can see a nice sample layout of a brochure that can be created on a A4 size paper format in Microsoft Word. You can re-arrange the elements if you want.

    Microsoft Word brochure layout

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    Re: Tips to create a simple product brochure in Microsoft Word

    Creating a simple Product Brochure in Microsoft Word:

    Method 1 - Using Microsoft Word ready-made template

    In Microsoft Word it is possible to find ready to use templates if you do not want to go with custom layouts.

    Word Product Brochure

    For that start Microsoft Word and then click on the round office button. Click on New. And in the top search box type Brochure and hit enter. Microsoft Word will give you some ready to use templates in the form of single and multi page layout. Select any of your choice and click on Download. Word will open the file for edition later.

    Method 2 - Manually making a brochure

    The second method consist of making a manual brochure. That means creating your own by using various shapes and size. Here you can try using variety of things.

    Word Product Brochure

    Like you can click on Insert. There are three things to try out. Picture to add logo or any other pictures. You can use Clip Art to find borders, dividers or you can click on shape to see variety of different objects you can inset in the word file.

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