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Thread: Tips to setup Media Center on Windows 10 Technical Preview

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    Tips to setup Media Center on Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Media Center is an easy to use option through which you can get several media streaming features on your pc itself. Windows 10 Technical Preview does not comes with any Media Center options by default. In this short tips you can simply find out some easy ways if you are planning to upgrade your media center pc to Windows 10 or if you want to configure media streaming options on Windows 10. Which would really help. For that there are two ways. First using Windows Media Player as the default media sharing application and configuring Media Server through that. And second using a third party Media Server software like XMBC. By default in Windows 7 and Windows 8 you can get all the options related to Media Server. But in Windows 10 Technical Preview, this thing is removed. When you turn on Media sharing and then you can simply rely on Windows Media Player for media streaming. If you think that it is complicated and has least options then we will go ahead using the Second options.

    Turning on Media Sharing in Windows 10 Technical Preview -
    • When Media Sharing is turned on, it becomes easier for Windows Media Player on other pc to find and locate the share content. Through Windows Media Player you can share songs, videos, playlist, etc.
    • For that right click on the tiny network icon in the system tray. And click on Network and sharing center.
    • Then select Choose Homegroup and sharing options.
    • Click on Change Advance Sharing Settings.
    • There are two groups here one is Public and other one is Home. Most preferably you will be using Public. You can apply password if you want to lock the network.
    • Under Home or Work scroll down to Media Streaming. Click on Choose Media Streaming options.
    • Click on Turn on Media Streaming. Now from the next screen you can select the pc name and you can choose the network where you want to stream the files.
    This was the method to use the default options of Windows to turn on Media Streaming. If this does not work well on your system then you can try using a third party software also.

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    Re: Tips to setup Media Center on Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Using XMBC for Media Sharing in Windows 10 Technical Preview -
    • The next thing you can do is use XMBC as a third party software for sharing the media files. You have to install XMBC in all the system which are in the network and you can get files that you are looking for.
    • Download and install XMBC in your system. The configuration is important here. Or else it won't work well.
    • You can start with adding a Media Source. Like a hard drive which has all the audio and video files. The good part of using XMBC is that it will scan for multimedia files and it will bifurcate the required media files on the basis of its type.
    • You can add that through Media source and select video or audio source as per your need.
    • XMBC gives you tons of file sharing options like FTP, AFP, HTTP, Samba, etc. You can turn off the RSS if you don't want the same.
    • One of the easiest way to configure XMBC is by turning on Media Library. You can create a playlist or directly share a file through this. It also support Airplay.

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