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Thread: Tips to manage your Expenses on Android

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    Tips to manage your Expenses on Android

    Android brings a vast platform to do many things. Those who are having tablets, and wants a virtual way of managing their expenses can follow this article. We all want to keep a track of our daily money flow. This help us to regulate it and also at sometime we will be enough alert to stop wasting money. It is a essential part of life and also a good habit. Anyone whether a kid or adult, if keeps a habit of expense management can save a lot. This not time consuming if you are using the latest technology. Manual work like maintain a dairy is not effective. Through Android you have a nice digital platform where you can use various apps and control your expenses. You can either use a dedicated app or you can stick with the basic feature. It is very easy to handle and works well. Because your data remains on the cloud. Just update through your phone or tablet and done. The entirely remains save forever. And later on you can also recall this in future. This will also help you to maintain your accounts. Here I am going to share a few tips and apps through which you can manage your expenses.

    Google Spreadsheet

    Using Google Drive: Microsoft Excel is the most common calculating application used around the globe. It allow you to have a spreadsheet UI where you can calculate various things instantly and create a long database file. And then share that with simple email. I am quite fond of Excel so I used it mostly to manage my expense. Here in your tablet or Smartphone you can add Google Drive and create a Spreadsheet for expense management. This spreadsheet gives you the most common calculation formulas to use. You can create a record or entry in it in tabular format. You can make a date column, expense time, place, name of person, bill number, etc. You can edit this in your pc or in the phone. And you can share this instantly with other person through your Gmail ID. So this one is a very fast and effective way of managing your day to day expenses. To use Google Sheets you have to add a app for offline viewing. Using a dedicated android apps: If you think a spreadsheet is not going to help much or not easy to use a dedicated expense manager application. There are different type of apps. I am going to target the best one here. Remember that each of them have some limitation. Like a few app won't allow you to share your expenses details with others, or a few app will not having extra option to add columns or rows. This are mostly designed for day to day usage. So let's checkout which apps are available and can be helpful for expense control.

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    Re: Tips to manage your Expenses on Android

    Expense IQ - Expense Manager: Free

    Expenses IQ

    Expense IQ - Expense Manager is a free and simple to use app. This app also has a bill reminder. You can add a entry and this app will remind you for pending payments. It also brings a checkbook register and budget planner. The budget planner part is very effective. You can set a amount and work on that basis and this app will help you to minimize your expenses. It is very easy to use and is good for novice. It provide you details in graphical format. So that you can get a overview of your cash flow on the same.

    Features List:
    • DropBox Sync and Sharing through cloud.
    • Split transactions
    • Export data in QIF & CSV format.
    • Home Screen Widget.
    • Notifications for upcoming and overdue bills
    • Fully customizable
    • Add Photos of Bills.
    • Lock application
    • Backup data onto SD card
    • Daily automated backup creation Personal Finance: Free


    Mint works on the basis of its web portal where it gives you a more advance way of handling your expenses. It is not just related to your day to day spending. It is more broad and offer you more better options. You can also manage all details through the web based layout. Being a free app you get access to many features in it.

    Feature List:
    • Manage all your savings, credit cards, cheque, at one place.
    • Auto categorization of Banking and Credit Card Transaction.
    • Visual representation of your expenses.
    • Track Cash, Credit transaction separately.
    • Payment overdue notification.
    • Budget management.
    • Bill alerts.

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