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Thread: Tips to stream video from Android to HDTV

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    Tips to stream video from Android to HDTV

    We are surrounded my many android device. And many of us are having a good device with us. Today we can found from low budget to high end android phone with many advance features. A few of them brings you amazing camera quality. You can take videos and photos through that. There is on way through which you can stream the content of android phone directly on your widescreen TV without copying them in your pc or making a DVD out of it. This is a old feature that use to come in digital camera and now it is adopted by Android devices also. You can directly stream android content from the phone or tablet to your pc through a cable or through a wifi. You need to have a HDTV with latest feature. It is not possible to use the same in old one. Because they are not having latest connectivity standard. I am going to show you all possible way of doing the same. So that depending on the TV model you own you can try out the same.


    To stream the andriod content on yoru tv there are fwe things you need to check. It is not necessary that your tv or andorid phoen must have all those quality. But a few of them is necessary.

    For TV:
    • Smart TV or Blu ray player with Wifi Connection or LAN Port.
    • TV with HDMI Port and MHL Support.
    • Any TV With Wifi connection or USB Port.
    • TV With DLNA and Miracast Support.
    • TV with regular HDMI Port
    • Using devices like Google Chromecast

    For Android:
    • Any Android device with MHL out support.
    • Any Android device with DLNA and Miracast.
    • Any Android device with Wifi connectivity.

    How to stream videos from Android to TV

    In the above requirement you can see the needed things. If you own a SmartTV then you will get a lan or a wifi connection in that. In it the streaming process is lot more simpler. But if you are not having that then you have to find that your TV must have a HDMI port with MHL support. So that you can share the android screen on the TV.

    1). Smart TV or Blu ray player with Wifi Connection or LAN Port.


    Here we have two choices. first we can go for a smart tv that already has a wifi or lan port in it. Or we can go for Blu Ray player. For example Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Home Theater System. If your TV has a wifi or lan connection then it will support file sharing from windows. The best example of Smart TV is Vu SuperMAC LED-55XT780 3D Smart HDTV. This TV has a wifi and lan port both with Mac operating system in it. After connecting the TV to wifi you can access the shared files and folder and stream content through that. You have to copy your android videos in shared folder through ES File Explorer. For direct streaming you have to enable Samba server on the android device and provide permission to read the files. The same thing you can do with blu ray player also.

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    Re: Tips to stream video from Android to HDTV

    2). TV with HDMI Port and MHL Support.


    Almost all tv comes with hdmi port today. You have to just check one thing in the specification. Whether the HDMI port you has a MHL support or not. You can use a Micro USB to HDMI cable for connecting the smartphone to the tv. The adapter is available online. Just after connecting you have to select the source from TV and done. It will start working. You will get the entire Android screen on the TV directly. And you can operate your device also. A number of time the adapter does not work on regular HDMI port. You have to check your tv specification before buying the same.

    3). Any TV With Wifi connection

    This one is a simple solution. You can look for a TV that has a lan or wifi support in it. This is mostly in SmartTV, but I had seen recently many regular models are coming with lan cable support. You can share your android files on the lan network and play them on the TV directly. If there is wifi then connectivity is lot more simple. It is very easy to share a folder on Android through third party apps. And that folder is visible in Windows Lan network. TV with lan or Wifi can access shared files on the lan.

    4). TV With DLNA and Miracast Support.

    DLNA is a media server. If you have this then you can directly make your device a media server without adding any third party app. And this media server will be available on the network. You just have to connect your phone to the wifi and scan for shared content. Again this is a good solution for those TV that has a wifi or lan port. You can just go in the lan section and look for the android device name. Choose and done. You are in the internal storage accessing all the files and videos. Mircast is also for the same purpose. It is quiet similar to Bluetooth. You get a Wifi Direct connection here to share files. And you can use it to play our files on any wireless display.

    5). TV with regular HDMI Port

    If your TV is only having a regular HDMI port and still you want to play your android files on the same then you have to use a PC for the same. You can connect the TV as your default monitor on the HDMI. The pc desktop will appear on the display where you can use your mouse or keyboard to access files. Through wifi you can transfer the files in the PC and play them on the widescreen tv. Or you can simply convert your mobile to a media server and scan it in the lan network. And then play files directly on the TV through Windows Media Player.

    Google Chromecast

    6). Using devices like Google Chromecast

    The last option is using Google Chromecast. A tiny usb dongle that can help your tv to have a wireless support through hdmi. It is very easy to use. Just connect the same to your TV hdmi port and choose the source. Through Chromecast you can connect your phone, play content, use internet and do a lot more thing. It is like a portable media player for TV. It is cheap and very effective tool. It works with all kind of tv that has a hdmi port on the same. You can use it on your monitor also. There are many usb dongle like this that offer you a wireless playback.

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