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Thread: Tips to use Evernote more effective

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    Tips to use Evernote more effective

    Evernote is one of the most popular note taking application and it has a lot more features that many are unknown. Evernote has increased its usage by adding a lot more things in it. I am going to show you some nice tips through which you can increase your productivity and take ample of great notes through the same. The good part of using Evernote is that you have an application for mobile phone, for tablet and even for the pc. You can use evernote from your pc and that will be automatically synced to your mobile phone. This makes your job a lot more easier. Because you dont have to simply make changes in the phone or use a small screen. So lets checkout the most easy to use features through which you can increase your productivity and allow you to use the apps more effectively.


    Desktop Version: Always install the desktop version of evernote on your pc so that it is more easier for you to modify things. You can edit notes, you can make changes and you can also download ample of things. This is quiet easy and also sorting out notes is simple on a big screen. On phone you can keep adding notes and on pc you can sort them out. So that the interface does not gets more complicated. I used a few photos in evernote which are linked with text and it was not easy for me to save them in the gallery.


    Tagging: Evernote brings out a tagging feature. If you are having too many notes and it is not easy for you to find then you can use the tagging feature. Tagging allow you to divide your notes in a categorize which are later on very easy to locate. At the left side you can see a tag column. Click on that and you can see the notes arranged with different text. You can mark the notes as images and other stuff and that would remain visible. It is a good time saver feature.


    Note Formatting: Take the advantage of text editor that brings out various formation option. The new version also brings out a amazing presentation mode. You can view your note on full screen. I am quiet sure that will be very much effective when you have a lot amount of information on the same. The text editor brings out option to add audio and do various changes. You can add bullets, numbers, etc on the same. You can insert image and a lot more thing. Take the maximum benefit of editor to make good images.

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    Re: Tips to use Evernote more effective

    There is no doubt that evernote is a effective application for day to day usage. I want to have a contact based feature also on the same. Evernote must make out some kind of good contact manager so that we can also sync our contacts. One of the biggest issue I face is adding photos to the contacts. That does not work so well with the default dialer applications. This must be done automatically by pulling the picture from Facebook or from any other profiles. This would be a lot more easier.

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