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Thread: Tips to Auto-Backup WordPress Site

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    Tips to Auto-Backup WordPress Site

    Wordpress is the most versatile cms for building up different kind of websites. It is easy to use and fast. It has ample of free plug-in support through which you can make your site better. But backup is always a big issue. Most of the people rely on the hosting provider to get site backup ready. Or you login to your server and create backup based on a specific time interval. But if you are using Wordpress them you can go with auto backup option. This auto backup feature is easy to use and come with ready to use plug-in. It is fast and simple. You just have to add the plug-in and done. Your website will work nicely. The plug-in does not hamper the site performance, but it will add a smart auto backup feature through which your site content remains safer. We all need backup. It happens that after adding a website the performance is hampered or sometime the site does not work well due to hacking issues. You can restore the old content back from the backup. This overwrite all the pages and remove new codes. So I am going to list some of the best auto-backup plug-in. The good part of using Auto-backup is that they don't need manually trigger. Once configured properly they start on their own and it will make a copy your site. Some of them have integrated of cloud storage, so that you can have your site on different places and a easy restore process also. So let's checkout this plug-in one by one.


    BackUpWordPress: This one is the most simple to use. It has a simple ui and it consume very less memory. Through BackUpWordPress you can configure a schedule backup and you can download that through ftp or through the email link which the tool will send you. This plug-in will store the backup in the server only. It is ideal for those who does not need any advance settings. You can start with simple backup process and do what you want. Once the backup is configured it keeps on creating new backups. You can schedule it to work at the time when traffic on your site is least. It requires less memory and works fast. At a time you can configure multiple schedules on the same. You can exclude any folder if you want from the backup. It also comes in different languages.


    VaultPress: This one is advance and comes in paid subscription. This tool has backup with security support. It will backup your files and also take care about virus issues in it. It has more better UI. You can tick on the calendar to schedule backup. It works on daily basis also. And if you want it works on real-time basis also. That means it will continuously backup your site. You can use the backup restore with one click. It is well optimized to work with wordpress. There are no crashing or bugs with it. If your site has any virus issue then the tool can clean it and you can restore your site later on. You can also set it to auto restore the site.

    WordPress Backup to Dropbox

    WordPress Backup to Dropbox: This one is a free solution for those who are not looking for paid plug-in. The plug-in is available for free and it has option through which you can have your entire site on Drobpox. You have to use ftp to restore the same. It is fast and simple to use. This tool give you option to choose the time and date when you are looking for the backup. The backup file will appear in dropbox. To use it you have to link your dropbox account with the same.

    Online Backup for WordPress

    Online Backup for WordPress: This one also has auto backup solution. It works quiet fine and has simple option. Being a free tool it has a option through which you can get your backup through email. You don't have to go for ftp stuff. Or you can send your backup to Wordpress Vault. If your site is not very large then you can get all your backup files on your mail. It depends on the limitation of service provider how much file it allows you to get in the attachment. It is a quicker way of getting backups. It also has schedule based option to take different type of backups. You can instantly download your files.

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    Re: Tips to Auto-Backup WordPress Site

    I am using Xcloner. This tool is available for all. It has a simple backup options and it is free to use. It is actually a very fast and easy to use software. You can create backups instantly and you can download them. It has a security layer through which your files remain safer. And with one click the backup is restored. The dashboard is simple and bit outdated. But still it is very effective compare to other tools. I am using this from long time and till yet I had not faced any error.

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