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Thread: Tips to keep your system updated through software updater

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    Tips to keep your system updated through software updater

    Windows 7 comes with internal automatic update utility. This help the operating system to work well by downloading the latest updates from web. This update also add security patches that resolve virus issue. Now there are many other software that we install and do not update it. In case of browsers they get auto updates. But when it comes with other tools like a media player, or a download manager, you dont have ample of update solutions. I am going to suggest you some good software updater software which you can download and test on your system. This software updater will offer you a great way of keeping your system updated. This also enhance their performance and resolve security problems. Manual update is not possible as you have to lick on all programs and one by one you have to update them. Compare to that a automatic update is much more easy to use. Here you just have to launch the program and it manages the updates.

    Appupdater: This is the simplest one to use. As the name suggest you just have to download and install it. This tool will scan your system for all application and locate the latest version. It is fast and reliable. It works well with different window version and it is also capable of identifying various applications in your system. Being a light weight tool it works fast. You can leave it running in the background. You can use this tool on weekly basis to find the latest updates for your system.

    FileHippo Updater Checker: This one is also a free tool and it is also quiet effective. The tool will scan your system for files and it will give you update information. This tool works through pulling data from the official filehippo download website. Compare to other this application has much later application database. It is more effective in locating the latest application version. The setup is automatic. It supports a huge amount of applications and works fast. The tool is extremely light compare to others.

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    Re: Tips to keep your system updated through software updater

    Above all are tiny tools which are only used for updating purpose. But there is more better software which can provide security and updates both. I am talking about a free antivirus here. Most of the virus issue occur due to security bugs in different program. And this antivirus is capable of dealing with those problem. So you can just download and install Secunia Personal Software Inspector in your system. It is a nice and easy to use antivirus program. Just add this and use the updater also.

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    Re: Tips to keep your system updated through software updater

    I am using Ninite Updater. I am using this from long time. It is very light and easy to use. I am not sure about others, but this one is helping me to get latest software update in my system. You just have to launch the same. It will keep on scanning and updating things in the background. You dont have to start it again and again. Just turn this thing on and leave it. It is automatic. It manages the updates from web and add them. Just test this. It is good for slow pc.

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    Re: Tips to keep your system updated through software updater

    I use Appupdater and I'm very happy with it.

    Recommending it for anyone!

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