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Thread: Tips to deal with low memory message on Android Smartphone

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    Tips to deal with low memory message on Android Smartphone

    Low memory or insufficient space is one of the most common error that we get on any android smartphone. It does not matter if you are using a entry level device or if you are using a high end mobile phone. It is essential to troubleshoot the same properly. When you load too many things in your android phone this type of issue appear. There are few quick things that can be done to wipe out the error. It will also help you to boost your phone output. The first thing you have to do is backup your phone. So that in case if any error occurred or if due to some reason you have to factory reset your phone then you won't loose anything. There are ample of pc suite software for android which you can use to fix the problem. You can factory reset your device and restore the data back with the pc suite tool. Today I am going to show you the most common tips through which you can improve your device output. You can try out a few third party apps or you can also troubleshoot the same manually.

    Background apps

    Check running apps: There can be apps which keeps on working in the background and cause slow performance. You have to check which all are running. You can do that by tapping on Settings > Apps. Swipe right to go under running. Here you can find what all apps are active. You can either remove them or stop them. Stopping them will turn them off completely. Like for example Facebook. Tap on it and tap on stop. That's it. The next time you just have to relaunch it to get updates.

    Advance Task Killer

    Task Killer app: If you don't want to stop or remove apps from the phone then you can use a good task killer software. Advanced Task Killer is one of them. This app is one of the best task manager app. It can help you to kill background process instantly and boost up the phone output. It has a widget. It is has a One tap widget that can help you to boost your phone output and also auto kill all working app instantly. It is one of the best and easy to use app.

    SD Card

    Adding a high speed sd card: Compare to a regular sd card there are few high speed cards available. They are much more better and powerful. You can find ample of them online. They are also big costly compare to the regular one. When you are going for a high storage space like 16GB or 32GB then it is recommended to go with a better one. This cars comes with different classes. Like the one that I know Sandisk Ultra 32 Gb Micro sdhc C10/Uhs1 memory card. Buy this kind of cards.

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    Re: Tips to deal with low memory message on Android Smartphone

    The tips really helped. I had installed Advanced Task Killer on my device that worked really well and there is no issue with that. I am quiet satisfied with the output. I have a Note 2 device and I always add new games on the same. Whenever the phone freezes or lag I simply use the task killer to end all and the output gets better. I will recommend everyone to use Advanced Task Killer app.

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