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Thread: How to manage multiple Emails

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    How to manage multiple Emails

    Many of us have multiple email ids. The most common email service providers are Gmail, Yahoo and Live which was Hotmail before. If you are having more than one email id then you have to manually login in each of this email providers separately and check the mails. What if you can see all those at one place. I am going to show you different ways through which you can manage your emails from one place. You will get all the inboxes separately inside one place. There are two ways of doing the same. We can go online or offline. In online you can use Gmail to configure all mails accounts. You will see inboxes listed separately and you can receive all the mails there. You can also reply. And in offline method we can use the mail client. Like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Here when you go with offline method all your mails lies at one place. that is in your pc. if you have a laptop then you can carry it with you. Mails can be viewed without internet once downloaded. This are the benefits of offline method. so as you can see we have a few option through which we can configure different mail ids from one place. I am going to give you the process in more detail below. According to me it is good to go with online method. Because you can access your mails online and you can reply also. In offline if your system freezes, or has a virus issue you might lose the emails. It is always good to keep a backup file online whenever you download the mails. So let's check out the message.

    Importing all your inboxes in Gmail:

    Sign in to your Gmail Account


    Go to Gmail settings. You can do that by clicking on the top right and then clicking on settings.

    Gmail Account Settings

    Now from the settings section click on Accounts and Imports.

    Gmail Import

    Now click on Import Mail and Accounts. A popup box will appear.

    Gmail Account import

    Add your mail account here and then click on continue. And then type of your password and done. You will simply get a new inbox. In this way you can simply add your mail accounts in Gmail and get everything at one place. The next method you already know. You can go with any popular email client. There are ample of them available. Like Thunderbird. This one is the most lightest one and it is very easy to use. Compare to Microsoft Outlook it is low on resources and does not freeze your pc.

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    Re: How to manage multiple Emails

    I have mozilla thunderbird installed and i have configured all email accounts in that. All mails are downloaded and delivered to specific email id named folder this suits me the best.

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