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Thread: Tips to choose the best iPad Keyboard

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    Tips to choose the best iPad Keyboard

    Apple iPad is one of the most successful tablets in the market. It comes loaded with ample of great features. You wont really need your laptop if you have a iPad with you. But to use the same effectively you need a keyboard. Typing on the touchscreen is slow. Through a nice keyboard cover you can use the tab as portable network. There are ample of them available in the market, but few of them are amazing. They are costly yet very impressive. I am going to provide you some tips of to find the best keyboards for iPad along with some models that I think are the best one and worth to buy. There are ample of cheap keyboards in the market. They come integrated with Bluetooth. Most of them are having plastic based model. That makes it less durable. You need something like Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini. Logitech has keyboard for all version of iPad. So that is the best brand to look for. There are few others also but some are limited to the newest iPad version. So here we will first checkout a few points to choose the best keyboard and then check some models that are popular in the market. Below are some really common points which will help you to choose the best keyboards.

    Points to be considered while buying a keyboard for iPad:
    • Easy to remove and fit: Always buy a keyboard which comes with easy to remove cover. Some are built with thick plastic which makes your work a bit hard to remove it. You can carry your ipad with you at the time of buying and check it on the spot.
    • Keyboard Keys: Always check the keyboard keys. Don't go for extremely thin keyboards. Because the keys are more uncomfortable to use. You must choose a right size that can help you comfortable typing. Never go with a small one because the keys are very near to each other. You wont be able to type on that properly.
    • Choosing on the basis of iPad Version: You can sort yourself fast if you start looking for a keyboard that is based on the iPad version you own. In this way you can avoid many covers and save time.
    • Folio case: Folio case are quiet common and a few models comes in the market with attached keyboard on the same. It is like a book cover. This keyboards are bit handy. But if you are buying a fixed fitting then it will be hard to remove. This type of keyboards are quiet convenient to use.
    • Keyboard Stand: A few keyboard case cover does not comes with stand. You have to place them with support on the backside. So always choose for the one that has something that can help you to place the ipad screen vertically.
    • Durable: Spending one time and buying a durable keyboard is always a good choice. If you buy a cheap one you might have to keep on spending money to get a new one. That is because the cheap one degrade really fast. So always look for good quality material. If it has cloth on the top then it is more soft.

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    Re: Tips to choose the best iPad Keyboard

    Top iPad keyboards:

    Logitech Ultrathink

    Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard:This one lies on the top of my list. There are many benefits of buying a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini keyboard for ipad. You can also get different models in it based on your ipad version. It is durable and think. It comes with a aluminum case which also makes it strong. You can place your ipad like a netbook screen and use. It sync well with the ipad through Bluetooth. It is one of the best keyboard recommended for iPad. It is extremely light and easy to remove. The cost of this keyboard is high but it is a worth buying product.

    ClamCase Pro

    ClamCase Pro: It is one of the most beautiful keyboard available in the market. It is quiet different i look and it is very handy. This one connect with the ipad through Bluetooth 3.0. It is rotatable and allows you to position the screen as per your need. This screen adjustment make the keyboard a good choice for ipad. It is quite convenient and ideal for for multimedia use. The case is made of polycarbonate. The entire weight is 680 grams. And it comes with a long lasting internal battery. It add incredible flexibility due to 360 degrees rotation.

    Belkin Ultimate

    Belkin Ultimate Keyboard: This one connects with Bluetooth 2.0 and offer you 160 hours of battery life. The entire thickness of this keyboard is 6.4 mm. It is designed for easy use. You can place the keyboard and use the tablet in your hand. This is because of its smart flipping feature. It is one of the lightest keyboard which weighs around 450 grams only. Due to its think design it is very comfortable to hold. It also offer you a protective shell. Through this you can protect the iPad from shocks. At the backside there is a aluminum cover that makes it a bit durable also.

    Kensington Keyfolio

    Kensington Keyfolio Expert: This one falls in the premium edition. It comes with a non-slip material that add more to the grip. It is also washable. It is a great keyboard but limited to few ipad model only. The keyboard is ultra-thin and it fits very well on the tablet. Due to its washable feature you can remove and clean it when you think it is dirty. Typing on this is extremely comfortable. There is a stand function on the case through which you can place the ipad on the tablet easily. You can also fold cover easy reading and writing.

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