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Thread: Tip to change boot animation of any Android Smartphone

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    Tip to change boot animation of any Android Smartphone

    Almost all android phone comes with their own boot animation. This is a tiny animated content which is played when you switch the phone. You can customize that as per your need. You can replace the existing animation and add one of your own too make the phone look more unique. This is not really a big change, but good enough to surprise anyone. The process are simple here. Most of you might be thinking that to modify the boot animation you have to root your phone. There are some non-root methods available that works more effectively. You can simply change the animation and add effects of your choice. It works well and does not cause any issue. Some apps that I am going to mention below will help you to change the animation first and also you can restore the old one back in the device. Being a simple method you don't have to root your phone. This will not cause any warranty issue in the device also. I am going to list a few set of different methods below. Use the one which you can find is the most easiest.

    Android Boot Animation

    Boot Animation Changer - The first thing you can try is use Boot Animation Changer App. This app is available for free on Google Play and it is the simple tool to modify boot animation. Through this software you don't have to do much changes. The only issue with this app is that you have to root your phone for using the same or else it wont work. The app allow you to backup animation and also restore the original one. It is extremely simple to use. Those who had already rooted their phone can go with Boot Animation Changer. Another benefit of using this app is that you can simply use a set of free animations which you can download directly in the app.

    Android Boot Animation

    Manual method if you had rooted your device: Here I am going to show you the manual way of changing boot animation if you had rooted your phone. You have to use ES File Explorer app for the same. Tap on the settings which is the top right and enable root directory from the same. This will give you access to the hidden root directory. The next thing you have to do is download boot file. This file is your boot animation. It is located in /data/local/. You can replace this file to change the boot animation. It is recommended to backup the stock animation file before making changes.

    Manual method if you had not rooted your device: For those who had not rooted their phone can go with the manual way of changing the boot animation. For that the first thing you have to do is install android sdk on your device. You can download that from the web. After that go in Advanced System Settings by right clicking on My Computer > Properties. In that choose Advance > Environment Variables. Locate Path in it and then click on Edit. If you are having 64 bit system then add this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools and if you are having a 32bit system then use C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools this location. Click on ok and done. Now connect your device to your pc and enable usb debugging. Launch cmd and in that you have to navigate to the folder of your device where boot animation is located. Type dir to get the list of directory adn then type cd to change the location. The code then you have to use is adb pull /data/local/ C:\ & adb push /data/local. Once done type adb reboot and test.

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    Re: Tip to change boot animation of any Android Smartphone

    I am trying to use a few of this methods but it looks complicated. It is very easy when you have rooted your device because in that you have a direct option for changing the boot animation. But when you try to do the same on a device which is not rooted you face issue. Most of the time I think the animation does not work fine. I am trying to locate a more simpler way of doing the same on a phone which is not rooted and I am quiet sure there can be some method.

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