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Thread: Tips to use different features of WhatsApp on Android

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    Tips to use different features of WhatsApp on Android

    WhatsApp is one of the most common chat messenger we all use. This app is easy and has simple feature that saves time and money both. But there are many features you don’t know. There are also few issue that you face, but unable to find the solution. This guide will show you everything. You will get glimpse of all common and new features that you can still try on your device. The thread is open for all to provide more suggestion if you have any.

    How to send a Voice Message in WhatsApp

    Now you can share your audio messages with your friends. The process is very simple. Just tap on the Microphone icon and say your message. A tiny timer starts. You can talk as much as you want there is no time limit here. Just say your message and leave it.

    WhatsApp Audio Chat

    And if you want to cancel the message that you had just recorded, you have to swipe the left side. The message will be deleted. But you cannot cancel once you send the message

    WhatsApp Audio Chat

    Fixing Crashing issue of WhatsApp

    A few time the app will crash on your device. I had noticed this on HTC and on Nokia X. This can be due to some language pack. The best thing to do is to re-install the app back again. This will not delete your messages. They will be restored once you add them back again. Uninstall it from App Manager which is in the Settings and then go on Google Play and install it back.

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    Re: Tips to use different features of WhatsApp on Android

    Password Protecting WhatsApp

    Many of you might not like people to check your chat conversation. For that you can password protect the app. By default this feature is not provided in WhatsApp and you have to use third party application for the same. There are ample of them on Google Play. You can try Perfect App Lock. Through this can lock the access to this app through password or through pattern. This app is simple to use. WhatsApp must come with security feature like locking a group message or chat with single person.

    Password Lock

    No Notification of WhatsApp Messages

    Sometime you don’t get any notification on your screen in WhatsApp. This can be due to your internet connection. When your net is active the app will download your conversation. So check your internet connection for the same.

    Missing Profile Information

    The new version of WhatsApp comes with more privacy feature. Where you can hid your profile information if you want. You can hide the profile picture, the status message and your last seen time. So if you are not able to see the Profile Information then go in the settings and enable it back again. Go in WhatsApp Settings and tap on Privacy. Under WHO CAN SEE MY PERSONAL INFO, you can manage the privacy settings.

    WhatsApp profile info

    Pay your Friends WhatsApp Subscription:

    You can pay others WhatsApp Subscription if you want. It is quiet easy. For that you have to launch the app and tap on the menu button to enter settings. Then tap on Contacts. You will find Pay for a Friend section. Tap on that. Select the payment you want to make and from top tap on choose contact.

    WhatsApp Contacts

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    Re: Tips to use different features of WhatsApp on Android

    thank you for this post got helped lot

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