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Thread: Tips to take best photos from your Android Smartphone

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    Tips to take best photos from your Android Smartphone

    Smartphone today are taking place of camera. Time has gone when people use to carry different DSLR with separate lens. Today smart phones are more equipped with camera feature that can help you to get professional image. Now here I am going to show you different options through which you can take really impressive photos. You can capture amazing images by simple settings and if you find that too confusing then you can go with various third party applications. So here I am going to highlight the most important tips that you can use to take best photos. It does not depend what phone you are using. All you need is a good megapixels. Devices by HTC carries a unique camera technology called as ultra pixel. If you have of these device then this tips are not of no use. Because the camera itself is well optimized to take instant amazing photos. But those who are having other regular camera can follow my tips to get amazing picture instantly. Most of this tips are easy to use because you just have to make changes in the settings and done. You can take good photos through that.

    Mobile Camera

    Camera hardware - This one matters the most. If you are have a low megapixel camera then it is not fair to expect great image quality. Atleast 8MP with LED flash is recommended if you need some good photos. Higher the Megapixel better photos you will get. Because here the camera is able to cover more area. It is not limited to small resolution. Many Smartphone's come with 8MP camera and with stock camera app. This app usually carries the default features that is provided by the android OS. This apps are limited in terms of usage. Through good camera hardware you can take great photos with less effort. Like having a 13MP camera in Sony Xperia T2 or even higher.

    Smartphone Camera

    Adjust Resolution and Image Quality - It is necessary that you must adjust the quality of your camera manually. By default the quality is set to low so that your photos does not eat up much of the internal space. Through the camera settings you can modify the image resolution. You can set that to hd quality so that when you click photos you get good output. Low resolution means more grainy photos. They might be small in size, but will not good great when you view them in your pc. I will recommend you to use the maximum resolution and maximum image quality you have in your phone settings. Set everything to highest.

    Smartphone Camera Resolution

    More Light More Clarity - Major amount of images are affected due to improper lightning. Compare to regular photos, a image with proper light is more sharp. Images with low light are bit blurry. So here the first thing you have to see is that when you are taking photos there must be maximum light from your backside. Not from the object or person back. Image must fall directly on the object or on the person face and then you can take photos. Images will be more detailed. This is the best way to take photos with good quality. Some camera apps in branded phone are optimized and they come with light adjustment. You can set that to maximum or on an auto mode. Where the camera will determine how much light it needs. There are few apps which has good amount of light adjustment. LED flash do the job most of the time. But things remain less focus because only specific area is covered. Also flash eats a huge amount of phone battery when you keep on clicking constantly.

    Smartphone Camera Lens

    Clean the Camera Lens - This is a basic thing but very effective before taking picture. Use a good cleaning solution like Antec Advance Cleaning to clean the camera lens. Use a soft cloth and then try to take pictures. Back camera are usually placed on the top side. So your finger can come in between while taking photos. And there can be fingerprint marks, dust or a bit of fog on it. This makes the image grainy. So clean it properly and then try to take the images. The image will look less dull. Using a good cleaning solution is recommended here.

    Camera Zoom

    Avoid Zooming - Mobile camera does not has moving parts. They are kind of fixed camera. In regular dslr or point to shoot camera when you zoom the lens are adjusted automatically. This mechanism help you to get good images but in mobile phone we do not have this thing. So avoid using digital zoom. Digital zoom affects the image output making it dull. If you want to take picture of a object go close. Hold your hand still and take photos. Digital zoom just crop the image. And the more you zoom, the more blurry it will be. It is better to have a fixed focus image at full resolution.

    Smartphone Camera App

    Camera App Settings - When you buy a new phone or when you are taking picture just have a look inside the setting. Most of the people never check it. Some devices carry many additional settings through which you can take great photos without messing up manually. Or you can go with entire manual settings also if you are an expert user. Camera settings give you a full option to modify the camera behavior. Like you can set the use smile shutter. Where the camera click picture instantly when someone smiles. Some devices have different type of focus mode. Touch focus is the most common one, but some has object tracking also. You can change metering which is useful for taking macro images. Always take a look in the camera settings.

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    Re: Tips to take best photos from your Android Smartphone

    Smartphone Camera Exposure

    White Balance & Exposure - Most of the time the camera automatically manage the white balance. But sometime you have to configure this manually if you are taking photos inside a room where light is low. You can increase that to add more light to the picture making it a bit better in look. You just have to point the camera to the light source and then modify the light balance. Exposure also work in the same way. It help you to make your photos more brighter in look. The settings are quiet easy for everyone to understand. And here focus is important when you are taking nearby photos. Tap on the screen and on the part where the object is placed and then take photos.

    Smartphone Image Stability

    Don't Shake your hand or enable Auto Stability or use Burst Mode - Some Smartphone comes with auto stability mode while some do not. Stability help you to take still pictures of a moving object. There are two ways to take good photos when a object is moving. First you can use auto stability and if you don't have then you can use burst mode. Under burst mode the phone takes around 10 to 15 pictures. And then you can choose the best one and delete others. But if you are taking still picture then avoid shaking your hand until image is saved in the gallery.

    Smartphone HDR Settings

    HDR for Outdoors - HDR is the best feature when you are taking photos outdoor. You don't have to worry about the light adjustment here. This is one of the best auto-exposure feature that comes in almost all Smartphone. If you need amazing photos just enable HDR and take photos of your choice. It works mostly for outdoor photography. Especially when you are trying to take photo of a scenery. You can experiment with this and try some other manual settings also. There are few options available under HDR which you can access through the settings panel.

    Smartphone ISO Mode

    Set image iso - A few Smartphone comes with poor flash. At that point you must use the iso thing. You can use set the iso level to high to take better picture. There are different settings which you have to manage on your own. When you have low light around you try to increase the iso. Because this makes the camera more light sensitive and it will try to make a good picture. It ideal for low light only but a few time you can see more grainy images. So try to play with the settings and you can easily find out which iso level is best.

    Google Play

    Third Party Camera Apps - This is the last thing. Sometime stock camera apps does not help much. You might be having a good camera but the stock app is not giving you a proper output. You can install a third party application which more features in the same. Like Camera360. This app will offer you more control over the camera settings. You can configure the iso sensitive through the same. You can configure timer and there are many more things. Google Play offer you access to tons of good and beneficial camera apps.

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