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Thread: Tips to surf anonymously on web

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    Tips to surf anonymously on web

    Hiding your IP on the web can be a tough job if you are not using the right tools. It happens that a few time are unable to access blocked pages, we are unable to stream music, etc. But through surfing anonymously you can get access to all locked places on the web. Another great benefit is that if your system remains protected from malware. So I am going to give you the best tips through which you can surf anonymously. The process is quiet simple. There are three ways. First using a Proxy, second using a vpn and third using a proxy website. Through proxy site you have limited access there are ample of them. Like hidemyass. You can enter the page url in that and surf. But it slow down your net speed as it is flooded with ads. So here the two methods, first is proxy and second is vpn are quiet effective. When you a apply this option you can just remain hidden on web.

    Using Proxy in Firefox Web Browser: This one is the simplest method. Here you have option to use some other pc ip address on the web. You can download files, you can access locked site, etc. It is ideal for places where you are things filter. Like site locked through router. You can apply a proxy settings and unlock things. It works well and you can manage that from the browser directly. You can find free proxy ips on the web.

    Firefox Proxy Settings

    1. Go in Tools in Firefox and click on Options. Then click on option and network tab. In that you can find settings button.

    Firefox Proxy Settings

    2. Click on settings and add the proxy details here. Select manual proxy and add things you need.

    Using a VPN: This is another simple method if you think proxy is very slow or you are unable to find appropriate settings. The benefit of using proxy is that only the browser settings are affected, while in VPN when you start surfing your entire pc lan settings are modified. That means you can use any browser to open locked pages. You have to find a free vpn ip address from the web with user and password. And then through below process you can enable it.

    Windows VPN Settings

    1. Go in Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center.

    Windows VPN Settings

    2. Choose setup a new connection. Then click on connect to work place and then click on User my Internet connection.

    Windows VPN Settings

    3. Now add the tip address of vpn and then provide the user name and password. The account is created. It will remain in the network icon on the system tray and you can connect anytime when you want to surf anonymously.

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    Re: Tips to surf anonymously on web

    VPN is more effective than proxy, but if don't work well on free vpn. You need to go for a paid solution where you get different ip addresses and it is also really fast. I had used a few free vpn which are not so great. But when I got for a monthly subscription I got more access and they are much faster compare to the free on that I was using. There are some cheaper vpn services available that you can try out.

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