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Thread: Tips to choose the best backup plugin for Wordpress

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    Tips to choose the best backup plugin for Wordpress

    Backup is an crucial task for every website. It is a bit hectic when you have to go with manual backup process. Because here you have to simply backup at a specific time interval. If you forget you have outdated files with you. Those who are using Wordpess can go with some really useful backup plugins. This are directly integrated in the website and effectively creates backup at regular time interval. So here I am going to list some of the best backup plugins that can help you to keep your site updated all the times. In case of any issue you can instantly restore the backup version.


    VaultPress - This one is a fully automatic backup solution. It is also one of the best solution available. This plugin is widely used by many and it offer you a fully functional backup features. You can backup your entire site in real-time. This plugin comes with bit limited feature when you are using the free edition. You have to signup a subscription to get more benefits. IT comes in Lite, Basic and Premium edition. It has a simple interface and very easy to use. For those who need professional solution for their site backup can go with VaultPress. It is also possible to add multiple sites in it. You can manage your different site backup from one single place.


    WP-DB-Backup - This one is free backup software for Wordpress. It is ideal to backup the database. Which is the core of every site. You can simply backup the database and save it on your pc also. You can also save the on a online location. This tool has a very simple backup process. You just have to add the plugin and you will have to configure the process for backup purpose. It has a bit limited features, but being free you can use it. It is fast and very effective to backup your files instantly on different location.


    BlogVault - This one is a bit advance solution. It also comes in paid editions. It offers you many advance features when it comes to a complete site backup and migration.It has a auto restore feature also. You can upgrade the edition to Basic, Plus and Pro. For multiple site backup you have to go with he Plus and Pro edition. This plugin gives you features like site migration, single file restore, and has a direct option through which you can simply save the file in the dropbox. Blogvault also take care about the backup security and it maintain different backup version also.

    Online Backup for WordPress

    Online Backup for WordPress - This one is another free plugin that give you more benefits and feature. It is again a simple plugin for backup purpose. It has a very simple system to run the backup process. The best thing about using this plugin is that through this you can simply encrypt your data. This feature is missing in many backup software. Due to encryption your data remains highly secure. It will also backup the site database with all attachments, themes, etc. You have to choices to store the backup on a online location, in a email, or on the cloud provided by the plugin itself. You get 100mb of free space on start.

    WordPress Backup to Dropbox

    WordPress Backup to Dropbox - This one is a bit helpful for those who do not need a very high end solution for backup. Just want to copy their files in a different location. Like a automatic copy procedure in the dropbox. This one is quiet easy also to use because here the plugin just create a backup and save all the files in the dropbox. You can also choose the storage folder if you want. You can create different directions in the dropbox folder and simply keep the files separately.

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    Re: Tips to choose the best backup plugin for Wordpress

    I am using a direct backup option through Cpanel. In that I have to configure the automatic backup schedule. Once it is configured the backup is done automatically in form of .rar file and I can download that also. It is good for those who have a single site. Because when you restore everything is wiped out. It is also effective because you have a backup you in your pc. And you can upload and restore that also fast.

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