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Thread: Tips to choose the right mobile portable charger

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    Tips to choose the right mobile portable charger

    Portable charger are always handy to power up your phone when you are outside. It happens an umber of time that battery drain out really fast and you don't have any power outlet out. Rise of android smartphone has generated more requirement to get a nice portable charger which can perform well in outdoors. So today I am going to give you the list of best portable chargers with a few tips if you are willing to buy a new one. Portable chargers can be costly if you don't choose wisely. Sometime you don't really need a very high battery storage. You just need a 2 to 4hrs of power backup and after that you are near to a charging point. While sometime you need a high battery backup. This is when you are traveling. Some portable charger comes with various connectivity ports which are handy when you have multiple devices. So here lets checkout few things to be considered first before buying a portable chargers and then checkout some of the top models you can go for.

    1. Always check the battery size before buying. A few chargers look great but has a very small battery which can be problematic. It is also recommended to compare few chargers under a single price range. Also check the warranty status.
    2. The battery details is printed on the charger. Choose the one which is high.
    3. For long battery backup you need something higher than 2000mAH. In high end smartphone a batter is between 2000mAH and 3000mAH. If you are having a relatively low portable charger, then it will not be able to give enough juice.
    4. High end devices like Note 3 requires big size battery to work for an entire day. So choose the maximum mAh.
    5. Check the charging capability. Some chargers comes with additional features like fast charge. They take very less time to load the battery. While some take time similar to a mobile phone. IF there is any charging indicator on the body then it is more better. But I haven't seen portable chargers which comes with battery indicator.
    6. Multi port charger are always a good choice. Because here this type of chargers have different connectivity options. You can charge various devices through this. It is not limited to a single device.
    7. Check that a charger has some feature that can protect your device from power outage. It happiness that sometime you buy a high voltage charger. It must have some kind of short circuit feature that can cut off the current when is power outage issue.
    8. One thing you must always check that a charger must have a feature where it must stop charging when it is full. This is some kind of auto off feature. Many new charger has this. Because it protect the battery form getting damage.

    Best Portable Chargers -

    Anker AK-79AN7904-BA Astro3

    Anker AK-79AN7904-BA Astro3 - This one is a massive capacity charger. It comes with 12000mAh battery which is more than enough to charge multiple devices at the same time. This charger has three usb ports. That means you can charge three devices at the same time. It is portable in size and easy to carry. It come with 2 years of warranty and a very effective solution for those who travel.

    Yell BPS 60 L

    Yell BPS 60 L - This one is bit stylish but good for those who need a budget option. This one offers you a 6000mAh battery output. It comes in different colors and has limited connectivity options. The charger is much more smaller than the above one. You can easily keep it inside your pocket or carry it with you. It is ideal for those who need a day to day charging solution while moving.

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    Re: Tips to choose the right mobile portable charger

    myCharge Hub 9000

    myCharge Hub 9000 - This one also falls on the extreme capacity charger. It gives you a 9000mAh battery with upto 40hrs of talk-time. It is quiet portable and offer multi device connectivity. It is costly but very reliable for apple devices. One of the major benefit of this charger is that it gives you a ultra fast charging option. And a single time you can charge upto 3 different devices.

    IOGEAR GearPower Ultra Capacity

    IOGEAR GearPower Ultra Capacity - This one is also a high capacity charger but more cheaper compare to other. This one gives you a nice 11000mAH battery output with fast charging solution. It comes with a micro usb connectors that you can use on various devices. The charger work really well for the entire day and you can also charge different devices through it. It has two usb ports. There are different models available under Gear Power in which some of them comes with battery indicator led.

    Mophie Powerstation

    Mophie Powerstation - This is a portable charger. It is a mini charger that comes with 2500mah battery good for a day usage. The charger has a very stylish look and has a light indicator on the top side. It will tell you how much power is left in it. It comes in 9 different colors. A new edition is released which comes with 4000mAh battery. So check the battery output before buying.

    Powerocks Rose Stone

    Powerocks Rose Stone - This one is also a portable charger. But it has 6000mAh battery output with led support. It comes in a very nice design which is smaller than many other portable devices. It is light weight and comes in different colors. There are light indicator on the top side that shows you how much power is left. It is a green energy certified product.

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