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Thread: How to secure your android smartphone through security apps

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    How to secure your android smartphone through security apps

    Security is one of the major issue with many android devices. It happens commonly that we are unable to identify threats on the smartphone and they keep on using our data. The most common issue lies with malware. They will slow down your phone. Some users use a antivirus which also affect the phone performance. Today I am going to give you a a few tips on how you can make your phone more secure through a few third party security applications. There are some really effective apps which can help you to make your phone more better than before. This apps are designed to protect your data and to offer you maximum privacy options.

    App lock

    App lock - It happens that many of your friends and family member uses the mobile phone. There are few apps which you do not want anyone to use. You can use App Lock for that. This app is quiet nice and very effective to lock any app in the phone. For example Facebook. You don't want anyone to go in your facebook account, you just lock that with a password or with unlock pattern through this. It is one of the best app that is able to give you more features then just app locking. Like through the widget you can also lock the calls. You can simply disallow anyone to make or receive calls. You can lock Google Play store so that no one can download anything.


    TextSecure - If you need a nice messenger application and want to send encrypted message then you can try TextSecure. This app is best for those who wants to hide their message. It works on mobile data and on wifi as well. This app give you a very strong option to encrypt the message you are sending. It will not be visible to anyone who is trying to access them. It is very nice and easy to use. To use it it must be installed on all the devices which are communicating each other.

    Orbot ProxyBrowser

    Orbot ProxyBrowser - If you want to checkout some hidden site on the web then you can go with Orbot Proxy. This browser gives you access to the Tor anonymity system. You can simply browse through this and keep your self anonymous. It is nice for visiting a few sites which spread malware. It is very nice and easy to use. It has a impressive spoofing system that does not reveal your ip on the web. Good for those who visit too many website.


    Postman - If you are annoyed with lots of spam sms on your phone then you go with Postman. It is a very nice and easy to use application which is also free. It is one of the best sms spam blocker software which is designed to give you relief from many unwanted messages. It has a simple interface and you can simply mark spam in it. This will automatically filter and add numbers in trusted list. You will only receive messages from those. It is very effective and gives you option to categorize the messages.

    Ad Blocker Plus

    Ad Blocker Plus - Fed up with too many ads on your phone. Try Ad Blocker Plus. It is a simple adblocker software through which you an prevent is an ad-blocking tool. It is very nice and also save a lot of bandwidth. Today you can find adware on android sites also. You will be annoyed with the same. And through this you can block them. A must to have a application for all type of android devices.

    Priavcy Manager

    Privacy Manager - For those who want all privacy settings at one place can go with Privacy Manager. This app brings so many things and give you a very easy access to control and manage privacy on your android phone. You can simply block a number that you do no want. You can also block sms from that. It has a fake call feature through which you can simply tap on it and get a fake incoming call. So that you can pretend to go out from any boring meeting.


    RedPhone - This is app is for those who want a encrypted phone call. RedPhone is a very impressive call that will secure your phone calls. IT gives you the standard phone dialer but you have a option here to encrypt a call or not. It is good for those who want to talk secretly. But the app must be installed on the other end also. It is not going to work on one way. The app is nice and good for maintain call privacy.

    Hide it Pro

    Hide it Pro - If you want a advance app to hide things in your phone then go with Hide It Pro. Advance application which is having too many things in one place and you can hide things as per your need. This app allow you to hide all things of your phone easily. It has a audio manager also. You can choose the folder which you want to hide through this and lock it through a password. It brings a few additional feature like private messaging, app lock, etc.

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    Re: How to secure your android smartphone through security apps

    There must be some kind of all in one tool. I had found many effective applications for iPhone but when it comes to android then there are different apps for each different thing. Like for call you have a different app, while for sms you have different. iPhone has a app called as Silent circle that does all the job at one place. That means you have a full privacy package in one app itself. There must be something like this for android.

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    Re: How to secure your android smartphone through security apps

    Apart from using various apps to secure your phone, I think its also important to secure it from virus issues. I protect my android phone with a good security software. There are some good ones on the market like quick heal, avast, norton etc.

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