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Thread: Microsoft OneNote Notebook Sharing Tips

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    Microsoft OneNote Notebook Sharing Tips

    Microsoft OneNote is an amazing note sharing app that allows you many features integrated into on pack. You can now share your notebooks across various platform. You can update the notebook on your pc and get details about that on android, iOS and other devices. All you need to do is apply proper settings so that other can see it. On your devices. Wherever you go, there they are. Your notes are always available when you use OneNote Mobile apps on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android phones. Or, if you’re using a browser, just open the OneNote Online. I am using this and it is very effective compared to other apps. Because you have a web based access for this. You will need live id for that. You can sync this through OneDrive and Sharepoint.

    Microsoft OneNote

    How to create a new Shared OneNote Notebook : In this you can create a new shared notebook. You can share it through OneDrive, Email Link or Sharepoint. This process is for web based OneNote Notebook.
    1. In OneNote go in File > New
    2. You have to choose a notebook from here and location. You can click on web if you want to use it in a web browser or you can simply store in on your pc also. For instant sharing using web is good. You will need provide your live id details for that.
    3. You can also click on network where this notebook with be shared with other people on a lan network or no a SharePoint website.
    4. Add the name of the note with a description. So that other can easily identify it.
    5. For web you have to give a web location. The best ting you can do is use the live account. So that the file is kept in one place and can be accessible to all through a email link. You can also store it on some server.
    6. for network you have to give the full path of lan location. You can also add the detail of a map network drive. You can copy paste the full path for top address bar.
    7. Once done you have to manage the permission and done. Your shared notebook is created.

    How to share existing OneNote Notebook: If you already have a notebook in your system you can simply follow the below steps to share it.
    1. Open the notebook and in that click on File > Share.
    2. Now choose the notebook form here. You can choose the existing one.
    3. You have to now go in Share On where you an find different options. You can click on web if you want to edit it on a web browser or you can simply stick with network where you can access this on the lan or on the SharePoint site.
    4. Once you are done with the location thing you can click on share and done. The notebook is now shared.

    Skydrive Settings
    1. To direct share a notebook just go in Skydrive and log in to your account.
    2. Create a folder. And then click on Share. You will get a link. You can share the link. Modify its permission. Send the link to the user.
    3. In the folder upload the OneNote Notebook file and done. You can now edit and access it from where ever you want.

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    Re: Microsoft OneNote Notebook Sharing Tips

    It is much more easier when you are using it from skydrive. I am having a windows tablet. I can just open and modify files in it. I am able to make changes and it work really well. There is no issue with the same. On the web browser it is really fast. One thing I want to add if you are using a iPad you have to configure sync settings or else it won't work. Add the OneNote app and go in Sync Settings. Then choose Notebook Settings and turn on Shared Notebook. It might take time to reflect the shared files.

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