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Thread: How to quickly access apps and settings on Android

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    How to quickly access apps and settings on Android

    If you are having too many apps and games on your tablet and you want to access that instantly then you can add app drawer kind of feature on your device. App drawer already comes in Samsung devices. From left you can swipe to get a app menu. Through scrolling you can checkout all the apps in it. But in other devices is feature is missing. Luckily there are some simple solution available through which you can get a nice switchable app menu. It works fast and you don't have to go in the menu. With one tap you can access the drawer and launch your favorite app. It also comes loaded with various settings through which you can customize and make things better. I am going to recommend you some apps for that.

    Sidebar Lite

    Sidebar Lite : It is for those who are not having enough memory on the phone. Sidebar comes in three version. Lite, Plus, and Pro. Between this three Pro is paid while other two are free. Sidebar Lite is for standard phone. If you think your phone is getting slow by adding theme or icon pack you can use the lite edition. It comes with minimum features. You can pin app in the side bar. It is very light and does not slow down the phone. You can just swipe to the right from left to access it.

    Sidebar Plus

    Sidebar Plus : This is for bigger phone. It offer you more features over the Lite edition. You have multiple bars on this. It has simple customization option. You can create different bar on this and you can open them from the side. You can add settings, contacts, shortcuts on this. you can also also customize the theme, color, modify the icon size and align bar in this. It is more feature but good for big size screen.

    Pie Control

    Pie Control : If you need some animated effects then go for Pie Control. It is more advance and has amazing features. It is fast and has ample of customization features. You can get the apps in different screen dock. You can modify the size and make changes in the output also. You can change color, adjust the hieght/wigdth, etc. It has minimum control. You can simply swipe to launch the dock and tap on your app to lauch it.


    Swapps : This one is another great app drawer. You can add up apps as per your need on its homescreen. It alreayd gives you the list of recently used app. It is a lightweight app drawer that offer you simple customization options. It give you option to add different widget, shortcut and apps on the same. I found this one as the best among all. It works really nice on low end phone also.

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    Re: How to quickly access apps and settings on Android

    I am using SwipePad on Nexus. It is fast and smooth. It is a nice launcher and it gives you a fastest task switcher. With one swipe you can startup new apps and you can launch anything through this. The best part of this drawer is that you can hold up different things at one place. You can hold contacts, shortcuts, bookmarks, etc in a single app drawer. It also consume very less amount of battery and works fast.

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