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Thread: How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Dous 2 Smartphone

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    How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Dous 2 Smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 is a budget android smartphone that comes with Android 4.2Jellubean OS. You can root the phone to extend its capabilities. The device is powered by 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor, 768MB RAM and Adreno 305 gpu. It is one of the best budget phone that is capable of giving you all round solution for multimedia and gaming. Samsung itself uses amazing touch interface. But somehow the device output is restricted if you are using the stock rom. You can root the phone and make it work more better. Rooting gives you full permission to modify everything in the phone. You can remove pre-installed apps, install custom roms and take a full backup also. I recommend to root if you are wiling to backup the internal rom. Because that can help you to go ahead with experimenting new roms. So here in this short tip I am going to show you the process of rooting. Remember that this process void the phone warranty. That means once rooted the phone does not has any warranty left. If you take it to the service center you have to pay charges for repair and for software work.

    Galaxy S Dous 2


    Rooting duos is simple. You need a bunch of tools for that. Also this process include overwriting the phone firmware. It is very important that you must do that carefully. Any mistake can cause a dead phone. There must be maximum charge left in the phone before moving ahead. Backup your data and files at one place. This process will cause a complete wipe out. You will loose everything. You can use Samsung Kies to backup or you can do that manually also. There are various third party tools that can allow you a full phone backup and restore.

    1. Download the latest pre-rooted firmware for Samsung Galaxy Dous 2. As this is a unofficial way I am not going to provide you any link. You can find that easily on internet.
    2. Download ODIN Tool. This tool will help us to flash the phone rom. You can download any version of your choice.
    3. Launch ODIN and in that click on PDA. Choose the firmware file you had downloaded. Most of will be archived so just unzip them in one single folder. Select it.
    4. Turn your phone off. We have to now reboot the phone in download mode. You can do that by holding the Volume Down + Home + Power Key. Press the Volume Up key to boot the phone in Download mode. The phone will boot in download mode.
    5. Now connect the phone to pc through usb cable. ODIN will flash the firmware and done. This is a pre-rooted firmware. So you don't have to do anything. Once the firmware is flashed you can verify through SU app.

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    Re: How to Root Samsung Galaxy S Dous 2 Smartphone

    The process looks really simple here. I am looking for some custom roms. I searched on web. This device does not has ample of good custom roms. I had seen many for HTC devices. I like the device performance. After rooting I am able to get rid of additional things from the phone like those unwanted pre-installed apps. I had backup the rom also and will test a few rom. Titanium Backup works really well after rooting.

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