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Thread: Tips to restore Nokia X Android Stock ROM

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    Tips to restore Nokia X Android Stock ROM

    Nokia X is the first edition of Android Smartphone with lots of missing features. The phone is durable but it does not support Google Play. Many of you might thinking of rooting it. But what if that does not work. You can restore the flash rom back again and regain the old settings. This does not means you will get your warranty back. Once rooted forever rooted. Nokia X is good for those who need a durable phone for chatting and internet usage. And some benefits of multimedia. Battery is nice. But when it comes gaming and apps this phone is limited. You have to stick with what is available on the Nokia Store. My short tips will help you to stock rom back. It can be helpful for those who do not want to use the customized rom in it. The procedure requires a bit time and patience. IF you try to stop it on between your phone might brick. So take care. Your phone must have maximum battery left. remove the sim and SD card. Use original Nokia cable for this procedure. There are few files that you have to download.

    The first important tool is Nokia Care Suite. You can download this from internet. The latest version I think is 5.0.Many popular download website are providing it.But officially Nokia does not give you this. This tool is used for flashing the rom of Nokia mobile phones. It is being used from long time for many Nokia model. The download size will be higher than 150MB. The second thing you need is Nokia Data Package Manager. This is like a service tool. It help the phone to connect with Nokia Firmware Repository. The last thing you need is UserGroupsConfiguration.cfg file. Once done with that keep them in one folder on your desktop. Backup your phone data and lets move ahead with the flashing process.


    1. Do not connect the phone to your pc. Just Install Nokia Care Suite.
    2. Copy UserGroupsConfiguration.cfg in C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Data Package Manager\bin.
    3. Again Copy the same file in C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Multi Software Updater 5.0
    4. And copy it in C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0.
    5. After copying the file in above three location launch Nokia Care Suite.
    6. Click on Data Package Manager. Under Login Group choose Nokia Care Suite Server. Click on Work Offline and then click on OK.
    7. Data Package Browser window will appear. Under Online Server you have to provide two details. Product Type and Product Code. You can find the Product type on Box or on the top page of instruction manual. And you can find the product code at the backside of Nokia phone. There is a black sticker with all details. It is necessary that you find the right product code or else wrong rom will be installed causing more problem.
    8. Once done click on Search and you at the bottom you can see the rom. Right click on it and download it. Here we are done with downloading. Now we will move ahead with flashing the rom.
    9. Exit he program and launch Nokia Care Suite again. Scroll down to Product Support Tool. Again choose Nokia Care Suite server from Sign to and click on Work offline.
    10. Now click on File > Open Product > and type the Product Code - RM-980. Choose the mobile from bottom and click on Open. The phone is now selected for flash down to extreme bottom left where you can see a programming tab. Click on that and choose Recovery. In the recovery window choose the downloaded rom and click on update list.
    11. Now you will get screen instructions to flash the phone. Just follow that and done.

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    Re: Tips to restore Nokia X Android Stock ROM

    That looks a really long and complicated process. I thought flashing Nokia would be easy. But this is too hectic. I am looking for a video guide on that, which an explain me in more detail about any error or problem if appeared on the phone. I do not think this will be stable for all. It is also weird that even after installing the stock rom back the phone warranty remains void.

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    Re: Tips to restore Nokia X Android Stock ROM

    HI ,

    in data package , the online server is not working !!

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