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Thread: Meizu MiniPlayer & Meizu MusicCard Firmware update tutorial

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    Meizu MiniPlayer & Meizu MusicCard Firmware update tutorial

    In this tutorial I will show how to update firmware of Meizu MiniPlayer & Meizu MusicCard. Both audio player offer you simple audio management with video viewing support. But sometime the player might work slow or freeze while usage. You can then go ahead to run a fresh firmware update. It is recommended that you must first backup your data first before doing this. Without that there can be a problem. The process consist of a auto update. That means you just have to download the firmware files and move in the internal storage. But if this process fails in between and the music player fails to start then you can go ahead with DFI tool. This tool will help you to go with a manual firmware restoration.You can find all files on the official website of Meizu.

    Step 1 : B efore moving ahead connect the audio player to your pc through usb and move all the data. Also keep your player fully charge before moving ahead. If the process is interrupted the player might fail to start.

    Step 2 : Go on the official website and download the latest firmware files on your audio player model. You will mostly get a rar archive.

    Step 3 : Once you had downloaded the file extract them in a folder of your desktop. The file will have .EBN' extension and there will be another file resource.bin.

    Step 4 : Move both the files in the root directory of the player. That means when you connect it to the pc through usb cable. Just drop the file in the removable storage. Not inside any folder.

    Step 5 : Once done just disconnect the audio player. You will see a Upgrading Software. Please Wait message on the screen instantly after removing the audio player. It will turn off on its own.

    Step 6 : Then turn it on back. You might still see the same message. Wait back for few time and then you will be able to access the menu. That's it. You had successfully installed new firmware.

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    Re: Meizu MiniPlayer & Meizu MusicCard Firmware update tutorial

    I am not able to find the files. I had seen the support section. Can anyone help me to give the direct download. My friend has given the firmware in a usb.But I am not sure whether it will work for my player or not. If installed the wrong upgrade there can be problem with it. It looks the download is discontinued. I can see downloads are only available for M9, M8 & M6. Where is the download for M3.

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