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Thread: Meizu Memory Card Software Issue Troubleshooting

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    Meizu Memory Card Software Issue Troubleshooting

    This short guide will help you to fix software related problem on Meizu Memory Card. Memory Card is a portable flash based memory player which support different audio file format like MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG, etc. It is also possible to play videos but on 1.5inch screen the resolution is not so effective. Few time after upgrading new firmware many of you might face software related problem. This can be due to incompatible update or wrong firmware. So here I am going to give you different troubleshooting tips through which you can fix those issues easily. The solution provided below are only software related solution that does not cover hardware problems.

    Meizu MemoryCard

    1. At the time of upgrading firmware if the mp3 player turns off or if it is interrupted then you have to go with the full prices back again. Get the right firmware and reapply the new version. This will resolve most of the issue. It is necessary that you must backup your audio files before doing this.

    2. If the audio player is bricked then reset it. You can do that by pressing the enter key for about 10 seconds. This will reset the mp3 player. It is ideal for fix issue when the audio player freezes and you are unable to do anything.

    3. When the firmware upgrade fails it is recommended to format the audio player. For that hold FF/FW button fo about 10 seconds. You will see a formatting message on the screen. This will wipe out the complete storage and restore old settings. Ideal to fix freezing issue if reset does not work. After that you can go ahead with installing new firmware once again.

    4. If the above procedure does not work then you have to format it completely. for that you have to hold the menu button for around 10 seconds to launch the menu. This will wipe out everything and then you can try back running the firmware update. Most of the time this process works.

    5. If nothing works then the last option left is to use the DFU tool. For end user this can be complicated but this can help you to fix the audio player back again to its original storage. Remember that if do this wrong your audio player might face more new problems. To use this just install DFU tool on your pc. And then you have to find the latest firmware files. This consist of M3.EBN and resource.bin. On Music Card hold menu + power together after turning the player off. And then connect it to the pc through usb. Launch DFU. Click on image 1 and browser the firmware file. Choose SST39VF800.dfu. Then click on image 2 and choose M3.EBN. Once done you have to click on Download. Once it is over the player will restart. Copy resource.bin in the player and disconnect.

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    Re: Meizu Memory Card Software Issue Troubleshooting

    Thanks for the solution. I was trying to find a more details on the same. I had tried all those steps on the top side but at-last only the DFU thing worked. I was able to find the right firmware from its website. This is actually a easy method. But you have to take care with the files. I will keep DFU tool in my pc for future usage also. Because that can help me to manually install new firmware.

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