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Thread: Tips to speed Android Jellybean Tablet

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    Tips to speed Android Jellybean Tablet

    Android is quiet popular today. It offers us a amazing interface where we can do various things. We can install new apps and also play games on it. But we forget that when we keep on installing new thing the performance of your device degrades. You have to follow some steps through which you can keep the performance better. I am going to list you a few settings and applications through which you can keep your device faster in terms of usage.

    Android App Manager

    Removing unwanted apps - The first thing you must do is remove all those things which you never use. You can use simple app remover software. This will help you to get a list of app that you do not need. You can install App Remover app. This app is nice and works really fast. It has a nice simple interface. It give you list of all apps and you can remove those which you not using. Second thing disable app which you are unable to remove. You can do that from Settings > Apps.

    Android Account Sync

    Turn off Sync - After adding your gmail, facebook, twitter, mail, etc account the device keeps on syncing data whenever you are online. There are apps which access those information. The easiest way to turn that off is through Settings > Accounts > Tap on any account and turn of sync. I only keep this on for Contacts. Mail apps consume a good amount of internal storage once they sync your messages. So turning this off will really help.

    App Cache

    Clear App Cache - Most of the android devices comes loaded with many additional apps that you cannot remove. This are called as bloatware. This apps constantly downloads new updates and eat up a good amount of internal storage. Through App Cache Cleaner you can clean it instantly. But remember that after this some apps will ask for updates.

    App Launcher

    Change Default Launcher - Instead of using the stock launcher get a light one. There are many launchers available that will increase the phone performance. One of them is lightning launcher. It is very light and works faster. You can set this as default one. It has minimum effects which does not consumer much memory. Till yet no android device comes with 100% customization settings. Also keep your home screen clean. Do not load it with widgets.

    Android Performance

    Performance Booster - There are few good third party apps available on Google Play. This apps are really amazing and gives you great output. This apps are like performance booster. It will kill background process, optimize your battery and also enhance the output. One among them is DU Speed Booster. I am using this app from long time that works really well on tablets and smartphone.

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    Re: Tips to speed Android Jellybean Tablet

    There is one more thing you can do. You can turn off the animations. For that you have to go in Settings > Developer option. Turn it on and then go under Drawing. You can see three things here. Windows Animation Scale, Transition and Animator.Disable this thing. I had did this on nexus. The phone is giving a bit better improvement. One thing I also want to tell, that if you need performance buy a phone with at-least 1GB of ram.

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