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Thread: Tips to reduce loading and buffering time in Online video streaming

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    Tips to reduce loading and buffering time in Online video streaming

    It is common with us all that when we site back to enjoy some nice music videos on YouTube the buffering thing irritates a lot. I had seen on many system even after being having a good internet connection the video streaming is still slow. It is not constant and stuck in between. There are few reasons behind that. My tips will help all those who have a 256MB of higher connection and having a bit issue is video streaming.

    Task Manager

    1. Turn off Background Process : Antivirus updates, windows update, application update, etc are the things that occupy a constant part of your windows updates regularly. And this updates keeps on appearing after a few time period. So they make your system slow and affect your bandwidth. Here you have to kill all background processes to boost up the speed of video streaming. Just turn off all background things. You can do that through Task Manager.

    Network Sharing

    2. Turn of internet Sharing :
    If you are on lan or wifi and sharing your internet then at the time of video streaming just turn it off. It is essential that your pc must be connected to the internet through lan. So that it is capable of drawing out maximum speed.

    Malware Protection

    3. Look for malware and virus : This is a common issue with many. If you have a slow or high speed internet your speed will be affected if there is a malware in your system.To find the same thing you have to use a good anti-malware scanner. This will be quiet enough to locate threats and wipe them out. You can use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Just download and scan your system with that and see what output you are getting.

    High Ping

    4. Unstable Internet Connection : With few cmd commands you can find whether your internet connection is constant or not. If your video buffers a lot then launch cmd and in that type cmd ping -t and hit enter. If the time thing is high then your internet is slow. And if in between you are getting request timeout issue then it means your internet is not stable. You have to contact your ISP to fix this thing.

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    Re: Tips to reduce loading and buffering time in Online video streaming

    I am getting high time here. I contacted the ISP he changed the entire cable line and things are not working fine. I was using the connection in the same way from long time but now it is working well. I am planing to switch to wifi so that I do not have to go with cable management. My ISP said it might cost me a bit more to use a wifi because of no radio link in my area. I am hoping that someone would buy connection with me then it will be cheaper.

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