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Thread: How to disable pre-installed apps in Android

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    How to disable pre-installed apps in Android

    Almost all android phones comes loaded with some pre-installed applications. Number of them will keep on eating your mobile data packets through update and sync. It is possible to turn them off. This will disable them and they will be no longer active. For example the Gmail app. When you add your Gmail account to access Google Play, Gmail app is turned on the backside. This app constantly sync all your emails. If you don't really check mails on your phone then you can disable to gain a bit more memory and save your mobile data pack also. I have mentioned different steps below. You can go ahead with them one by one. First of all it is essential that you must keep a good Task Killer app in your phone. Some of them comes with time based optimization. That means they will turn on in a particular time turning off everything in the background. This help to free a small amount of ram constantly and speedup your phone output. The one that I use is Norton Utilities Task Killer Lite . This app is nice and has option to terminate unwanted background processes.

    Android App Manager

    Steps to Disable or Remove pre-installed Apps from Android:

    Some apps comes with option to disable and some comes with remove. So on the basis of that you can stop them. If there is no remove option available then atleast you can stop them.
    1. Go in the Settings section of your Android phone and tap on Apps.
    2. There you can see the list of apps running. All type of Android rom comes with GAPPS.(Google Apps Package). This consist of apps like Google Search, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Voice Search, Latitude, Navigate, Talk, Contacts, Calendar, Alarm & Browser. So this are apps that keeps on working and consume a set amount of RAM.
    3. From Settings look each of them one by one and tap on Disable. If you can find the Remove option then tap on that also.
    4. Once you disable them the app will not work. You can enable it back again after sometime if you want.
    5. If you find the manual way a bit complicated then there is one more way to fix this thing. You can just download and add Disable Service App from Google Play. It is quiet easy to turn off apps instantly.

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    Re: How to disable pre-installed apps in Android

    Most of the android devices does not provide you option to remove pre-installed apps. They just remain locked. You can only disable them. That's it there is no other way. You can try one thing here, if you want you can root your phone. Rooting offer you complete access to your phone rom where you can modify stuff as as per your need. You can remove almost any app of your choice. But remember this thing void the warranty.

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    Re: How to disable pre-installed apps in Android

    Solution 1: Root
    The only way to remove these third-party apps would be to root your Android device and receive the Super User status.

    Solution 2: Task Killers
    Removing a widget: any of these which are displayed on the homescreen can be easily removed by tapping and holding the shortcut of the widget and drop it into the recycle bin.

    Removing Apps: Any other application that you might want to “remove” requires the installation of a third-party app called Advanced Task Killer, which can be installed from Google Play. These types of apps will ''kill'' the process from running on your phone and auto-kill the app from starting (booting).

    Once you've done this, the app will only be seen in the app drawer, however you reverse the process by going into the settings of your Task killer.

    Just because you've ''killed'' the app, it will still take up storage however it won't use any resources.

    If the app isn't protected, it can easily be uninstalled with an Uninstaller app.

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