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Thread: How to install Android Kitkat 4.4 OS on Oppo Find 5

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    How to install Android Kitkat 4.4 OS on Oppo Find 5

    Oppo Find 5 is the first device in the market that came with 1080P screen resolution. This boost the video viewing experience on a portable platform. It also offers you great design and latest features. The device comes with 13 Megapixel primary camera that help you to take outstanding images. Dirac HD Sound Technology and Dolby Mobile 3.0 enhance audio experience. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 1.5GHz quad-core processor further supported by Adreno 320 gpu for HD gaming. Additional connectivity features like Wi-Fi Display, NFC and DLNA help you to use it easily with other devices. Officially this device supports CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, Pac Rom and OmniROM. Oppo devices have added more freedom is testing custom roms. They are easy to root and you can play with various roms in it. Finally this device received an Android Kitkat 4.4 Rom called as Nightly. It is developed by AOKP (Android Open Kang Project). The procedure is quiet simple here. First you have to go ahead with downloading the required files. Second you must backup your important data. Flashing room will wipe out everything, so better do this on your own risk.

    The package includes the following files:-

    1. ROM File - This the AOKP Nightfly Kitkat ROM. It is an custom rom package. The total size is around 184MB. We are going to flash this one on Oppo Find 5.

    2. GAPP - Google Apps Package is essential to have all default Google Apps in your device. The total size is around 120.94 MB.

    3. Custom Recovery - We are going to use TWRP 2.6 (Team Win Recovery Project) custom recovery on the device. It is designed for easy customization and offers you more than standard recovery option. The total size is around 7.18 MB.

    4. Radio Firmware - You have to download the modem firmware. There are two versions available on the official forum of Oppo. Modem 4.1(22.56MB) & Modem 4.2(27.25 MB).

    5. Kitkat 4.4 Qualcomm-Optimized KitKat Dalvik and Bionic Libraries - This will help to boost the phone performance. The package offers important memory access functions to different android library and apps. You can download this from XDA also. The total size is around 572.38 KB.

    Once you are done with downloading all those file transfer them to a single folder. So that it will easy for you to move and extract them. Take your phone backup before moving ahead. You have to move all the files in the memory card of Oppo Find 5. Keep it outside inside a folder.

    Steps to flash Nightfly Kitkat Rom on Oppo Find 5 :-

    Oppo Find 5

    1. You have to root Oppo Find 5 for flashing the rom. After rooting install Flashify in your phone. You can download this from Google Play. It is a free app that helps you to flash the boot image and recovery image. Through app you have to run TWRP recovery image. The third file from download list. You can flash that by copying it in the memory card.

    2. Once it is done turn off your phone and boot in recovery mode(Hold Volume Down + Power Key). You have to perform a full wipe data, wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache through custom recovery.

    3. Now from the recovery choose install from zip and select the Nightly ROM. The installation will take some time so leave the phone aside.

    4. Once done go back in the same place and run Google Apps zip.

    5. After that you have to use the right modem firmware. For those who were on ColorRom 4.2 have to use Modem 4.1 and while others have to run Modem 4.2

    6. The last thing you have to do is flash Qualcomm-optimized Dalvik & Bionic libraries.

    That's it. The flashing process is over. Now you can use Kitkat 4.4 on Oppo Find 5. The same procedure is application for Oppo N1 also. You just have to find the right rom. You can download that from Here is the direct link - Oppo N1 Android Kitkat 4.4 Nightfly Rom

    Oppo N1 Kikat 4.4 Rom Download

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    Re: How to install Android Kitkat 4.4 OS on Oppo Find 5

    The procedure looks quite simple. I want some help for Oppo N1. The modem firmware download provided above will work for Oppo N1 also or I have to find some different version. Where can I get the entire package. I want the download like one provided above. All files in a single package. That makes job much easier and there is no issue with file compatibility.

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