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Thread: Tips to make simple Password complex

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    Tips to make simple Password complex

    Passwords are like key to your home. If they are leaked you might loose valuable information and sometime this cause monetary loss also. Recently in news I found a article which says that some culprits got access to a cops email account. They emailed to all saved ids asking money through a fake story. Among all a few people responded and deposit money in mentioned account. So you can find this is how much risky when your personal email id, online banking, or any other login details are leaked. It is very important for all of us to use a complex password. Those are advance users can use third party password manager like LastPass. It is a browser based utility that can not only generate strong password but also help you to keep them save. You can access everything through a single password.

    Today I am going to give you some tips on how you can make your existing password really strong. There are quiet a few easy ways. Passwords are quiet easily compromised today. For example in your email account you have a security password. If anyone is capable of guessing that, then it is easy to get access to your account. In a recent incident one of my friends was able to access his colleagues email id through guessing his security answer. The question was which is your favorite car. The guys knows that and he entered and reset the password. He got access to Facebook. That's what people do wrong. If you do have a really strong password you don't have rely on the security answer. First we will go head in keeping your password save. A few tips that will be helpful for anyone.

    Tips to Keep your Password Safe:

    1. Never write down, or share your password with others.
    2. Always make your own security question and add a wrong answer in that. So that if anyone knows about you won't be able to access. This will also help you to remember. For example - What is the color of my eyes. Many will guess that by seeing you. Like Black, Brown or Blue. Use Yellow, Purple or Red. Instead of just keeping plain words, add some decoration ahead of that. Like two exclamation mark !!Red!! or <--red-->. Things that you can easily recall.
    3. Avoid accessing confidential information on public pc.
    4. Never store or type of password in a text file. Instead of that use Word or Excel and add a password over it.
    5. Keep a constant duration of changing password. Practice this thing regularly.

    Tips to make simple Password complex


    1). I am going to share what I do here. How I make my password really strong. For my emails accounts I always use movies and actors name. But in different format. For example the movie which I liked the most recently was Man of Steel. This thing is easy to remember. To make a password out of this I use characters. Hypen instead of space, @ sintead of a, 0 instead of 0 and 1 instead of l. So the password is M@n-0f-Stee1. This is a really powerful password and not easy to guess. You can use any characters but do not share them.

    <longdigit>l0ngd!g!t p@ssw0rds<password>

    2). Don't use your names or mobile number or atm pin in the password. Do not use dates, or anything which can be easy to guess. Try something which is associated with your memory. Today there are powerful tools that can guess your passwords easily. Security experts says that many people use a very common text combination that can be identified through Brute Force attack. It is good to make your password bit long. For example a zoo visit. You can create a quiet powerful password through that. For example - I visited the zoo in summer. Now this is a very long sentence. You can reduce things in to make it short. Like - Iwentzooinsummer.Now this a plain 17 digit text. There is no space in it. You can make this a bit more complicated by adding numbers and special characters. Like adding hash on the front and end and replacing o with 0. So the password will be #Iwentz00insummer#. You can create many combination of your choice.


    3). Third thing you can do is haystack your password. Haystacking is a powerful way to make your password extremely stronger. All you have to do is decorate your password with ./password./ with a forward slash. Adding a full stop will also help. You can add many here. Use some easy pattern so that you can remember. Like ./././rose/././. or ..//rose//.. or ////rose////

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    Re: Tips to make simple Password complex

    Thanks for this idea. I always think of making a complex password, but I always forget. I loved that haystacking thing. I had used a few number in place of alphabet. Like zero in place of alphabet O is the easiest one. I had made my own combination. I use a alphabet at the start following the equal to sign and then add a password of mixed characters. Like for yahoo - y=mypassword.

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