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Thread: Tips to find which app is draining your Android phone battery

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    Tips to find which app is draining your Android phone battery

    Battery drain is one of the most common issue with Android phone. Day by day we are seeing better models. They are big in size with good processor and nice app support. Like Samsung Galaxy Note 3. When you got your device the first thing you do is connect to Google Play. So that you can download huge amount of games and app. You miss one thing here. Many apps have unwanted updates in them. They consume your phone power quiet fast. And if you have a limited internet data plan then that is also drawn out really fast. In this short tip I am going to show how you can locate applications which are eating up a huge amount of battery power. I had also recommended some powerful battery saving app which keeps on giving you instant notification about different apps working in the background.

    Some basic things you can do is turn off your wifi and other uwnatned stuff when you aren to using them. Do not keep them on. Turn of gps also. Install a limited number of apps from trusted providers. On Google Play you might find many developers who are givng free agmes and apps but you never heard about them. Don't download anyting from that. Most of the time cloud storage apps are common issue behind battery drain out. Like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Once installed they are lnked to the phone linrary. Whenever you take fresh photos or video they will upload. So do not forget to check inside the settings. Disable auto upload. Set the option to manual mode.
    • For finding out the app that consume maximum battery go in Settings. Tap on About. In that you can find a section called as Battery. Tap on that. Here you can see which app is consuming what amount of power.
    • To turn that off you have to go in Apps in Settings. In that search for the app and tap on it. Then choose force stop. That's all. The app is closed.
    • Add DU Battery Saver app in your device. This app is one of the best battery saving app. It also add a widget on the home scene through which you can optimize the output. It has powerful battery saving options. You can configure the app as per your need. It has smart model to control battery drain out.
    • Another app which is good to save battery of your device is Battery Doctor. This app is free and works really well. It has a set of different features through which you can manage the phone power output. You can extend the battery output through the same.

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    Re: Tips to find which app is draining your Android phone battery

    It is not easy to locate which app is eating up the battery. Because many of them are working in the background. The best thing you can do is add a app killer and run it at regular time interval. This app killer will kill all the apps in the background. It works fine and also save a bit of battery. There are many similar apps available on Google Play. Download and test one of them.

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    Re: Tips to find which app is draining your Android phone battery

    That is the reason many smartphone comes with internal battery management tool. Like in Sony devices you can see a Stamina mode. Through this you can control the power usage of your system. I had seen in this in Xperia devices. In HTC also you get some really smart battery management features. Like area wise wifi coverage. When you are out of the wifi area it turns off. In other device this thing does not happen.

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