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Thread: Tips to use Titanium Backup on Android

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    Tips to use Titanium Backup on Android

    Titanium Backup is one of the most trusted solution for Android devices. It offers a set of options through which you can backup and restore your devices instantly. It works really fine and has no issue with output. To use the advance features of this tool you have to root your device. The new edition is more powerful here. You can backup almost anything through it. You can backup your applications, data, bookmarks, etc. And through a simple tap you can also restore them instantly. You can take multiple backup from this applications. It works really fine. You can backup the entire phone data like sms, msm, calls, bookmarks, wifi settings etc. Dropbox and Google Drive feature is available here. You can connect the tool with cloud storage and save your files in it. We will move ahead with a short tip to use this more properly. Most of you are not aware the advance features available in the app.
    1. The first thing is that you must root your phone to use this. Or else many features will not work. Rooting allows a full access to the device through which they can read the rom data.
    2. Titanium Backup has a very easy interface. It had advance settings also, but it is better to go with the current UI. When you launch the app you can see a Backup and Restore button the top side. You can tap on it to go ahead with backup.
    3. To backup all apps with its user data, you can go in Menu > Backup all User Apps + System Data. In this way you can backup the save games also.
    4. The Backup window also offer you option to backup wifi and AP settings. So the next time if you reset your phone you can restore everything with single tap.
    5. Backup history allows you to instantly launch the backup of your choice. It is necessary that you must enable that. Go to Menu > Preferences> Max Backup History. Each time you run a backup it saves the format. And you can use it again.
    6. The pro version offer you a Backup Verification. You can checkout that all the files were properly copied or not.
    7. Using Schedule backup is another good way of keeping your data secure. Because a number of time you might not remember to run the backup. For that go in Schedule tab.
    8. Copying data in SD card is more better. You can create a multiple copy of the same by moving it in your pc. To restore just launch Titanium Backup app and tap on restore. It will ask you for the backup file. Select it and done.
    9. The app also offer you a option to restore application one by one. You can restore a single app also. For that go to Manage Applications. And choose app one by one to restore.
    10. Keep Auto-Sync TB Settings turned on. This is necessary. When it is turned on, the app backup its settings in the SD card which are required later on.
    11. If you think your mobile OS has too much bloatware then you can enable Chuck Norris Mode. This allow you to remove unwanted apps from the device.
    12. Do not forget to restart your device after a successful restore. This resync the settings and avoid any errors.

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    Re: Tips to use Titanium Backup on Android

    Titanium backup is a good tool. I am using it. The issue lies with rooting here. My friends say that if I root I might loose the warranty. That is why I am not rooting it. I want to backup my system rom. It would be good to restore in case of any issue appear. But that is asking for rooting. I hope in future there would be a no root edition. This would be helpful. Is there a way to backup the rom without rooting the device.

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