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Thread: Tips to Dual boot multiple version of Android on a tablet

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    Tips to Dual boot multiple version of Android on a tablet

    Due to various custom rom availability there are choices available to dual boot a android devices. Officially this is not at all supported by devices. But android developers have able to provide a custom solution where you can simply install different rom and boot into it. This allows you to have a set of different features. Also the benefit of using multiple rom is that you can avoid removing the existing OS. So that if you are not happy you can remove the other one. Multi-boot feature is not so advance in Android. It is still under development. Still in high end devices this process is far more easier compare to to mid and entry level phones. You can simply boot different OS and change then if not required. In this short tips section we are going to target that only. This thing is done through a single application called as BootManager which you can find on Google Play. This is the safest way of doing dual boot. Because here you can tell the device which operating system to boot after restarting the phone.

    Dual boot via Boot Manager Pro:

    • If you are using a rooted device then the first thing I would recommend you is to back up your existing system image file. You can do that through Cynogen Mod. This mod offers you a new boot manager through which you can backup your complete device and then restore it whenever needed. That is to remain on the safer side.
    • Download Boot Manager Pro from Google Play. The application offer you a simple option to install different rom from the memory card. And also you can manage different ui through it. This one of the most stable option to go for. The application offer you a short preview of rom which you are going to boot.

    Dual Boot without Boot Manager:
    • This is the second way and also complicated. Here you have to go with a number of manual settings, install different rom and then play with internal files to dual boot the device. To use this method you will also have to download a set of certain files and then go ahead with the setup.
    • The first thing you need here is a dual boot kernel. That means from core you are going to add information that the device will be having two operating system. The second easy way to fix the issue is using a Rom switching application. You can download the app which allow you to move ahead with booting multiple android os.
    • If you are using Rom Switch app then you will also need Rom Zip Modder. It allows you to work with different rom mods.
    • The last thing you have to do is Multi-Rom Manager application. You can download this and use it for booting different android operating system.

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    Re: Tips to Dual boot multiple version of Android on a tablet

    Boot manger is the one of the most simplest one to use. This application offer using different rom and it is also quiet easy to manage. When you install different rom it provide you a button of multiple roms like rom 1 & rom 2. So you can tap on the respective rom and boot it.

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